Giving Up the Girl

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Giving Up the Girl

We open in downtown Everwood. A cab has just let off a pair of allegedly fabulous legs, bedecked in a black mini and stiletto boots. The legs (for that is all we see!) take off down the sidewalk, a fabulous set of red luggage following close behind. The townsfolk stare. The legs nearly run right over Amy, Ephram, Hannah, and Bright, then ask where Dr. Jake Hartman's office is. Amy gives directions; Ephram and Bright stand agape. The legs head for Scooter's, and Amy tells the boys to go ahead and close their mouths. We get a nice shot of the legs, again, and the rest of this mysterious blonde's body, from the back. Hannah: "So that's what zero percent body fat looks like. Interesting."

Scooter's Office. Legs strides to the reception desk, and asks Edna if Dr. Hartman is in. Edna does a totally hilarious boob-take, and says that Scooter is at lunch. Legs asks Edna if she would happen to know where. Cut to the diner, where Dimples is discussing hair products with Nina. Ah, a man after my own heart. Suddenly, Legs walks in, spies Dimples, and screeches, "Jakey!" Gag. And I have to tell you, the face on this chick is not as great as it should be, considering the build-up. Dimples is like, "OH SHIT. Cameron? What are you DOING here?" Heh. Cameron, oblivious, chirps, "Well, if Mohammed won't come to the mountain…!" Dimples looks over at Nina helplessly, and we go to the credits.

Diner, still. Nina and Cameron are getting to know each other. Cameron tells Nina that she and "Jakey" met through their "trainer." Dimples suggests that perhaps Nina doesn't want to hear all of these gory details. Nina, clearly enjoying Dimples's pain, says there's nothing she'd like better. Cameron starts blah-blah-ing about how everybody in L.A. keeps asking, "Where's Jake? When's Jake coming home?" and saying how much they miss him -- even Roy, their Coffee Bean guy. Suddenly, everything's awkward, and Nina says she's got to go close out. Dimples looks at Cameron expectantly and asks how long she's here. Ten days, and she's got all this vacation saved up, and she can write a story about Everwood for work anyway, and they can snowboard, and OH MY GOD PLEASE SHUT UP. Dimples says he would love to just hang out and ski, but he has patients to see all week long, and that is why he wishes she'd called first. He says they can figure it out later, but he has to get back to work. Cameron baby-talks, "Who am I gonna pway wif?" KILL. KILL. KILL. Nina passes by, and Cameron yells, "Neen! We can totally have a girls' day! I am actually dying for a mani-pedi!" Nina: "Don't die!" Hee.

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