Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not

We open outside the Brown House at night. Irv tells us that there's nothing in the world like being in love. We close in on a window, where we can see Ephram "Hot Pants" Brown, writing a song on the piano. Irv tells us that love gives us the courage to do things we would never have had the courage to do otherwise. Like date an older, bucky babysitter. Ephram works on his song, messes up, gets frustrated, and throws paper around. Treat comes down the stairs and watches his son with a mini-grin.

Fade to the next day, where Amy Abbott has picked up a Leonard Cohen album in the music store. She pays for it.

Fade again to school, where Ephram works on the song in class. Amy looks over and gives him a sweet smile. He returns it. Aw.

Fade to Amy at Edna's, putting together a huge "one-month anniversary" basket for Eyebrows. Irv says something about love and objects of our affection, and already I'm dreading the cheesiness to come.

The moment of truth. Ephram plays his song on the piano for Madison Poppins. She looks mighty uncomfortable. Ephram finishes, looks at her face, and says, "You hated it. It was bad." Madison lies that it was awesome, and that she loved it. Ephram insists that she's embarrassed. Madison says she loves it, really, and that the band's going to love it, too. Ephram gets all excited that she's going to show it to the band. They kiss. Ew.

Trailer Park. Amy Abbott drives up to a trailer marked "Callahan." Ah, the famed Eyebrows Estate. Amy gets out of Edna's truck and walks uncertainly to the door with her giant basket in tow. A hard-livin' lady answers, and asks, "You from the church?" Amy freaks, says she has the wrong place, and bails. Nice. Irv finishes up: "Inspired by love, we can move mountains, make great changes, do great things. But we can also become so blinded by it that we forget everything, everyone, even ourselves." We focus in on Amy Abbott. Amen, brother. Credits.

Abbott House. Bright "Hotter Every Episode" Abbott slurps cereal from a bowl. Rose tells him that they do own spoons. Bright: "Faster this way. Don't wanna be late for my first day back to school. All the ladies are waiting." Yes, they are. Rose tells Bright that she needs him to pick up some things for Patch's birthday dinner that weekend. Bright asks if they're still doing "that," and Rose responds, "Of course we are; why wouldn't we?" Aw. Patch comes in all dressed for work, and Rose comments that he slept late. Patch, who looks pretty haggard, says he's just tired. Tired of thinking about the Crazy, one assumes. Patch looks at Rose's grocery list and wonders why they need two dozen eggs. Bright does an incredibly bad but also endearing version of the "it's your birthday" part of "In Da Club." Hee. Patch tells Rose that a big birthday thing isn't necessary this year, saying, "A celebration seems somewhat gratuitous, all things considered." Rose insists that they have a party, even if it's a small one. Patch tells her it's up to her, kisses her, and leaves. Rose and Bright exchange "What are we going to do about Sad Daddy?" looks.

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