Complex Guilt

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Complex Guilt

Edna and Irv's. Edna rushes in from work and gets Irv up to date on Treat. She says they can just run by for a quick visit, then asks Irv how his day at the "office" went. Irv says he didn't go in today, and won't be going tomorrow, either. Edna asks why not. Irv says he never worked in an office a day in his life, and he can't figure out how Edna thought he'd want to start now. Edna's like, "Well, why in the hell didn't you say so in the first place?" Irv says he was too shocked, mostly by how Edna just doesn't seem to get it. Edna tells him to take a long walk off a short cliff. "There's just no making you happy. You want to be miserable? Be miserable. I gave you that place because I wanted you to have something special. You don't want it? No skin off my backside." Irv counters, "I didn't ask for it! I didn't ask you for a damn thing except to go away with me, and you couldn't do that." Edna says she explained why. Irv says of course, Edna has everything she wants right there in Everwood, while he's just in a holding pattern. "And frankly, I don't know if it's worth it anymore." Edna responds, "Doesn't feel worth it to me." Sad reedy music plays, and I could not be less interested in this subplot. I know I should, because…don't nobody love Irv more than me, people. But it's just not happening.

Brown House. Ephram is on the phone with Treat, and says he'll be there when Delia gets home from school. He spies Amy out the window, and runs out to meet her. Amy recoils from Ephram like he's got Ebola. Ephram blurts, "My dad's in the hospital." Amy is concerned for a second, until Ephram tells her that Treat should be fine. She's like, "Oh, that's good. I should get to Hannah's." Bitch! Ephram asks if she wants to come over later. Amy says not really. Ephram, finally, finally says, "If it's going to be like this, you should probably just break up with me. I can't tell the difference." Amy says she knows. Ephram says it was just one mistake. Amy: "Your one mistake made me realize all of my mistakes." Ephram asks what she means. Amy says she gave up everything for their relationship; she wanted to join the paper, and government, and dance! Wah. Wah. Wah. Shut up, Amy. Ephram asks her why she didn't. Amy says she didn't think she'd have time to do all that and still maintain their relationship. "Do you really think we'd be where we are right now if both of us were trying to maintain the insane schedule that you keep?" Ephram says he doesn't understand. Amy informs him that one of them had to make a sacrifice, and that person was her. Amy. You may also call her Princess.

Ephram says he never asked her to do any of that. Amy says she knows; she did it all by herself, because she thought it would be worth it. Ephram, rightly, says that's not his fault, but she is taking it out on him as if this is something he asked her to do. Amy says some other bullshit things, and we find out that all she really wants is for Ephram to thank her for all her sacrifices. Well, and she also wants Ephram to know that if they don't work out, she has nothing, while Ephram has everything. Ephram: "I wouldn't have you." Aw. Amy looks away and says she has to go study. Ephram's all, "Great. You do that."

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