Complex Guilt

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Complex Guilt

Abbott/Brown. Patch busts into Treat's office. "Did you know that Ephram went to see Madison a few weeks ago?" Treat says he did know, but she wasn't there. Patch begins to scream like a girl. "And did you know! That in a guilt-fueled confessional reverie! The boy! Told Amy! About said indiscretion!" Treat asks Patch what his damn point is. Patch wants to know why he wasn't informed about this development. Treat: "Because nothing happened. You want me to email every little thing that goes on in my family to you?" Patch: "YES!" Patch says that considering what Treat's dragged him into, he deserves every detail, especially as long as the well-being of his family is involved. Treat just sits at his desk and sifts through some papers. Patch presses, "Or of this practice, for that matter." Treat tells Patch not to go there. Patch goes there. "I saw Amanda Hayes in your office the other day. Were there problems with John's departure?" Ouch. Treat tells Patch that she gave him her contact information, because she's leaving town for a while. Patch wonders why in the world Treat would need that. Treat stands up, yells that this has nothing to do with Patch, and orders him the hell out of his office. Patch says it has everything to do with him -- sexual misconduct with a patient is unethical, and it reflects on him as well. Treat goes for a book on his bookshelf, and has to catch himself with his hand. Patch doesn't notice, and goes on about how Everwood will turn on him if they find out, blah blah blah, not to mention what they'll say about "her." Treat bellows, "Who the hell do you think you are?" He has to stop and cough loudly into a hanky. Who uses those? Treat continues, "I brought you into this practice as a favor, you arrogant…" Alas, Treat cannot go on, because right then he collapses to the floor. Dramatically. Patch rushes to Treat's side, sees blood on the hanky, and yells for Louise to call 911. Commercials. Refill, please.

When we come back, Treat is in the hospital and has been diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer. Patch stands to the side, concerned. The doctor tells Treat there was no cancer, and no clots, but if he's feeling overly stressed, he might want to consider making some lifestyle changes. Hmm. Think so? As the doctor is walking out, someone whose face is obscured by a giant bunch of balloons walks in. Scooter fights through the balloons and asks, "Is there a doctor in the house?" Hee. Patch says under his breath, "Oh Lord," and goes to use his cell phone. Scooter tells Treat that, when he saw him being wheeled out to the ambulance, his heart just about jumped into his throat. Treat tells him that's very sweet. Indeed. Scooter asks Treat if he can do anything, like get him a snack or walk his dog. Treat says he's currently dog-less. Scooter says that's too bad, as pets are proven to reduce stress. He adds, "Oh! And yoga." Treat's all, "Yoga?" Scooter repeats, "Yoga. Come on. Deep breath in? Now say it with me. Oooooooohmmmmm." Treat's like, "Oh no. God, no." Scooter persists. "Oooooooohmmmmm." Finally, Treat cannot resist his charms, and chants in unison with Scooter, "Oooooooohmmmmm." Scooter makes the universal symbol for "Okay!" and your recapper falls down. On the ground.

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