Complex Guilt

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Complex Guilt

Previously on Everwood: Amy is mad at Ephram for attempting to see Madison; Edna and Irv have marital troubles; and Treat goes for it with Krazy Anne Heche, even though Patch warns him not to.

We open in the high school parking lot. Ephram pulls his clunker into a space, spies Amy, and nearly knocks himself out jumping out of the car to run after her. Ephram's all, "Hey! I thought I was picking you up this morning!" Amy, who is wearing the cute green vest I wanted earlier in the season, replies coolly, "I never said that." Ephram says he must have just figured, and hands Amy the coffee -- "extra vanilla!" -- he's brought her. Oh, my sweet Ephram, ass-kissing does not look good on you. And we won't even begin to talk about your hair. Amy curtly thanks Ephram for the coffee. Ephram, still not getting it, asks her if he got his text message about hanging out later. Amy sighs and turns to face him. "Ephram, I know I told you I accepted your apology, and I told you that I didn't want to break up, but I'm just not ready for this. Like this coffee? This coffee is 'desperate' coffee, and it doesn't make up for the fact that you lied." Ephram says he was just…but is interrupted by one of Amy's friends squealing her thanks to Amy for not auditioning for the school play. Since Amy neglected to try out, Squealy got the lead. After she's gone, Ephram asks Amy if she wanted that part. Amy says she obviously didn't, since she didn't try out. She tells her "boyfriend" that she has to go, and hands the coffee back to him all, "I can't carry this." As she runs off, Ephram calls after her, "Okay, I'll just…see you whenever?" Credits.

We come back to the Abbott/Brown Office of Discord. Amanda wheels John out of Treat's examining room, while two Medical Strangers go on and on about John's improvement and how Treat's a genius (apparently, John can blink once for "yes," and twice for "no" these days). As Medical Stranger 1 talks about John's potential for progress in their program, which perhaps starts with a "p," Treat flashes back to his and Amanda's hot, hot love. Medical Stranger 2 says a line, and Treat flashes back again. Amanda asks MS1 how long her husband would be gone. He says that it really depends on the patient -- it could be as little as six weeks, or up to a year. Amanda echoes, "A year?" and looks to Treat for help. Treat, instead of answering, flashes back yet AGAIN to their passionate embrace. Amanda rolls her eyes at Treat, like, way to let everyone know you're in love right in front of your veggiefied husband, and says it's not really her choice anyway. She leans down towards John, and asks him if this is what he wants. John blinks, "Yes." Are we sure that blinking once doesn't actually mean, "I would like, please, to kick the ass of that smug, bearded, asshole doctor who is stealing you away from me"? Amanda tells Medical Strangers 1 and 2 that John's in. MS1 says they'll have John transported to their facility within the week. Amanda nods and says, "Okay, then." Treat looks guilty, crosses his arms, and agrees, "Okay."

Edna and Irv's. Edna zips out of the bathroom and is way too damn happy for this early in the morning. She cheerfully apologizes to Irv for using up most of the hot water, but hey, she likes to floss in the shower. Irv lies in bed, frowns, and tells her it doesn't matter. Edna babbles on obliviously. Irv answers in the one-word, monotone manner of the severely depressed. Edna finally sees that something's wrong and asks Irv if he's coming down with something. Irv says he's fine; he's just not ready to get up yet. Edna smiles and suggests that they have a nice quiet dinner that night, and says she's pretty sure she could make it worth his while. I'm pretty sure the only thing that would make it worth his while is if you served Effexor casserole with a side of Prozac, and Xanax sundaes for dessert, there, Edna. Irv asks Edna if she's going to be late for work. Edna, either not getting the hint or just ignoring it, says she could take ten minutes for some "quality time." Irv pulls away from her and says, "No, that's okay. You go ahead." She finally leaves so we can get some sleep around here.

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