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You Are Here

Previously: Jake asked Abby to join him for his niece's baptism. Susan told Chuck that tenure would mean financial security for their family, but at her tenure review meeting, Kaysen noted that Susan hadn't raised much grant money. Meanwhile, Moneybags Carter was paying for an entire new hospital facility. Neela told Shane that medicine isn't a day job. Morris interviewed for Chief Resident, and Kerry gave him serious consideration. Sam bought a pregnancy test, and didn't look too thrilled about it.

An alarm goes off, and Shane West wakes up and turns it off. He's lying on the floor, for some reason. A naked lady is in his bed. She wakes up and asks why he's on the floor. Shane doesn't know. She laughs and tells him to get back in bed, but he says he's got to go to work, as a doctor. She laughs again and expresses doubt that he's actually a doctor. Shane looks hurt, like, why would she believe you, dude? Shane says he has to work a twelve-hour shift today. The naked lady digs around in her purse (that's not a euphemism) and takes out a small vial. Drugs! She offers some to Shane, and he seems to consider it (and doesn't looks shocked that she's offering), but then turns her down. I think it's coke. Or possibly speed, because she snorts it. Naked Drug Lady tells Shane that he has a sucky day job.

Pratt is pursuing much healthier activities, as he plays basketball with a buddy at an outdoor court. Buddy asks what time Pratt will arrive at the party. Pratt hasn't heard anything about this party. Buddy reminds him that one of their friends is turning thirty, and then guesses that Pratt won't be attending because he's too busy. Buddy misses an easy layup, and then says that if he makes his next shot, Pratt will have to attend the party. Buddy prepares to take the shot, which is from about the foul line, as Pratt commences with the trash talk. Buddy bricks the shot.

Luka is in the bathroom, getting ready for work by shaving. But he's out of shaving gel. He yells this information to Sam, who yells back that there's more under the sink. Isn't this Luka's apartment? Shouldn't he know where they keep the shaving gel? Whatever. It's just a plot device to get to the real point of the scene, which will happen in about four more sentences. Luka hesitates, because his hand is full of shaving foam, and then grabs a towel from a nearby shelf. As he does so, a couple of other towels fall off the stack, and a box falls out. Luka picks it up and sees that it's Sam's pregnancy test. He tosses it back under some towels as Sam walks in and asks if he found the shaving gel. She hands it to him and asks if he's almost done in the bathroom, and then very unsubtly glances at her pregnancy test hiding spot. She is horrible at keeping secrets. Luka pretends nothing is wrong as he lathers up the rest of his face. Sam wipes some shaving cream from his ear, but he doesn't smile at her or anything. See, this would have been the perfect time for him to ask about the test. I don't really fault her for not telling him; I think many women have been a day or two late and taken a test just to be sure without telling their partners, because they were pretty sure there was nothing to be worried about. I guess we're supposed to think it's representative of larger problems in their relationship.

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