White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Previously on ER: Susan was named Chief of Emergency Medicine. Pratt told the interns to take on a real patient load. Sam asked Alex if he wanted to move in with Luka. Carter met Wendall the social worker.

Susan, whose hair looks terrific, arrives for a meeting with Weaver, but is sidelined by a phone call from Chuck. He wants to tell her all about how their kid ate his yams, but Susan rushes him off the phone. Weaver overhears the end of the call, so Susan overexplains about the yams, and how most babies don't like them at first. Weaver says curtly, "Henry loved yams, right from the get-go." Heh. Weaver launches into Susan's one-month performance review. She thinks Susan is doing well overall, but there have been "a few glitches": the average wait time to see a doctor is almost ten hours ["and if that's congruent to actual wait times at County hospitals in the U.S., everyone who ever shit-talked Canada's socialized medicine can shut it" -- Wing Chun], they have a record number of complaints from patients who left before being treated, and the number of bouncebacks is up, which indicates poor follow-up by the doctors. Susan thinks Kerry is trying to let Susan down easy, but Weaver says that's not it. She just wants Susan to show more leadership. Susan turns around slowly, looking bemused.

Carter looks at photos of Kem on the computer. Jerry asks about them, and Carter says they're new, and that he was going to print them up. Jerry says that she looks hot, and then backpedals, but Carter agrees. Shane West comes up and asks if the lady is anyone he should know, and Carter says that Shane isn't her type. Frank comes in and announces that the paramedics have arrived, and that Susan is in a meeting. Carter and Shane take off to handle the emergency. Malarkey walks in and spots the photos, and then growls that he could look at Kem all day. I include the mention of this scene because it sets up a later scene in the episode that will probably never be resolved, ever, so now I'm not sure why I bothered. I guess the point is that Kem and Carter are still emailing each other.

The paramedics bring in a sixty-year-old woman with multiple facial injuries, chest wall contusions, and injuries to both arms. Carter asks her name, and the patient is unable to speak clearly due to her facial injuries. Braids says that they think the patient's name is Louise. A cop explains that she was found in an alley with no ID. Carter asks what happened and the cop says she could have fallen from a window or been dumped from a car, but they don't know. Braids gives the vitals, and Shane wants to get an airway. Carter says they should clear Louise's neck first.

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