Twas The Night

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Twas The Night

Previously on ER: Chen pocketed some potassium and Pratt busted her. Dubenko harassed (although some would say mentored) Abby through a trauma. Carter went out with Wendall. Neela told Shane West that medicine isn't a day job.

Chen washes out her father's bedpan in the kitchen sink, which is gross. I hope she uses a lot of disinfectant. Her father calls for her from the other room, and she answers him in Chinese. There's a crashing noise, and Chen takes off. The Chens' kitchen is pretty sweet. Chen reaches her father and picks up the broken pieces of whatever off the floor. He chides her to come when he calls, and then they start arguing in Chinese. Something that he says causes Chen to get very still and sad, and he finally begs her, "Please?" Chen says that she can't, and he continues to beg her in Chinese, until Chen starts crying and agrees. She concludes, "I promise."

Carter and Wendall sit on couches in a furniture store. Carter asks Wendall why her brother is staying with her when her parents live close by. Wendall says that her brother is in the Peace Corps, and her parents keep bugging him to get a real job. Carter thinks that sounds familiar. Since his grandmother died, who ever bugs Carter about anything job-related? A salesperson tells Wendall they're checking to see if they have a sofa bed in stock. Who goes out and buys a sofa bed on Christmas Eve? Just get an air mattress. The dude's in the Peace Corps. I'm sure he's used to roughing it a bit. When Carter asks, Wendall explains that she's the oldest child, and that besides her brother, she has a sister named Tess who is the junior partner in her dad's law firm. Carter jokingly wonders who the favorite is. Wendall asks about Carter's family, and Carter says he had a brother who died when Carter was eleven. The salesperson spares any further awkward conversation by arriving to report that they only have the sofa bed in moss green, which Wendall finds adequate. Wendall wants it delivered today, and the salesperson is like, "Girl, please." Carter thinks they could tie the sofa bed to the roof of her car. What the hell kind of car is she driving that would fit a sofa on top? Carter points out that Wendall brought him along to provide brawn. Carter? Brawn? Really? And shouldn't he be worried about straining his back? Wendall takes off to pay.

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