Time Of Death

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Time Of Death

"Out of Time" by the Rolling Stones plays as Ray Liotta (why bother with his character's name when that's what you think every time you see him anyway?) looks around at the other people in the ER waiting room with him. One woman has some nasty-looking boils on her face, although I suppose there aren't a lot of good-looking boils. He checks the wall clock and sees that it's 11:22. As if they would have a wall clock in the waiting room. That's just asking for trouble. Ray watches some workmen put up a sign that explains that patients will be seen in order of arrival, which they won't, so I don't know what's up with that sign. Don't all ERs perform triage and take the direst cases first? Ray blinks his incredibly bloodshot eyes and glares at the workmen, who are being loud, then sighs and ducks his head as Mick Jagger sings, "Baby, baby, baby, you're out of time." Oh, good Lord. I've only been recapping this show for two minutes, and already with the anvils? Elsewhere in the waiting room, an old guy listens to a radio and a baby starts crying. A woman with an Eastern European or Russian accent asks whom she has to screw to get help, and walks up to Sam, who tells her to try an intern because they're always hard up.

Sam walks a boy named Jeremy, who is eleven years old, into the back. Jeremy asks if his father is there yet, and clutches a bloody towel to his head. He's accompanied by his younger sister. Sam says his dad isn't there yet, but that he's on his way. As Sam walks by, Ray grabs her arm and asks, "Do I give my ticket to you?" Sam gently removes his hand and says it'll just be a little longer. Ray mumbles something about how his baggage already went through, and Sam's like, "Uh huh" as she walks away.

Sam hands Jeremy off to Pratt and Darlene, explaining that Jeremy has "multiple lacs" because the television fell on him while the kids were home alone. Pratt promises to get to him soon, while Darlene helps Jeremy into a wheelchair and starts babbling about the standard of care which Pratt dismisses as "for rookies." Luka walks by and tells Darlene to get started; Pratt will join her shortly.

Sam tells Pratt she has a real winner for him: "Belly pain with combustible breath." Pratt asks if she's talking about "the creepy homeless guy" and gestures toward Ray, who is still looking mighty confused out in the waiting room. Sam admits that he's creepy, but says she doesn't think he's homeless. Pratt thinks they should let Ray sober up first, since Pratt will be done with his shift by then. Sam firmly says that Ray needs to be examined; Luka walks by and says he'll take care of it, and grabs the chart. Sam says that Ray has been there about two hours, and thinks he's in an airport. Luka translates, "He's altered?" Pratt thinks they should have one line for legitimate patients and one line for the rest. Man, that head trauma didn't help Pratt's personality at all, did it? (Is that ever going to come up again, or are we supposed to forget it happened?) Abby walks in with charts for Luka to sign out.

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