Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done

Props to Sars, who, this week, sent me the most delicious candy I have ever eaten in my long life of candy eating.

Previously on ER: A bishop (played by a stuntcast James Cromwell) came into the ER having fallen down, and Luka told him he'd give the bishop steroids if the bishop agreed to use a walker; the bishop dickered Luka down to his promising to use a cane; Abby told her ex-husband Richard that she was taking him to court for violating their divorce agreement by not paying her med-school tuition; then Abby was cagey with Luka about her relationship with Carter; Weaver asked Elizabeth if she'd noticed any change in Mark's personality, or his mixing his pronouns; then Mark mixed his pronouns, and a punk-ass kid patient thought Mark was retarded.

In a non-ER part of the hospital, Mark Greene "Around the Gills" greets a lab tech named Greg and asks to "skip the gown," since he has a shift. Greg agrees, and they go into a room with some huge piece of non-CT scan equipment. Mark gets on the bed. Greg and Mark make small talk about the weather as Greg fits a plastic mesh crash-test-dummy-looking mask over Mark's face. He asks whether Mark feels any side effects; Mark cops only to "the usual fatigue." Greg exposits, "Well, in eight days, this will all be a memory." We get a shot of Mark's head centred in the frame, with green laser lines on his mask -- one horizontal, across his forehead, and the other vertical, along his nose. The bed elevates Mark closer to the imaging apparatus, and Greg tells him to hold on, because they're off by "about a millimeter or so." Greg fixes the mask, and snaps it in place on the bed. "Here we go," he says and takes off. Something beeps. The camera cuts away before the laser cuts Mark in half.

In the ER, paramedics, accompanied by Abby "Lisa" Lockhart, bring in a clown who collapsed at a birthday party. "Dr." Dave Malucci, hurrying by, stops dead and obviouses, "Whoa. That's a clown." Geez, what tipped you off -- the giant red fro, or the huge shoes? Are you sure those aren't the vestments of a bishop, because I hear there's going to be one of those in the ER tonight, too. Doris tells Kerry "Jean King" Weaver that he "aspirated a balloon in front of a dozen six-year-olds." Yikes. Weaver tells Dr. Dave to take it, and Dr. Dave stammers a refusal and calls John "Rich Bitch" Carter over to assist Lisa instead. Carter asks why Dr. Dave can't, and Dr. Dave stutters, "I...just can't." "What's the matter, Dave? You afraid of clowns?" Lisa taunts. Dr. Dave watches warily as the clown is led away. Carter orders a bunch of tests, and Haleh calls him to "talk to this woman."

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