The Show Must Go On

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The Show Must Go On

Previously: Luka discovered that Steve, Sam's ex, was a fugitive from the law. Morris made fun of Abby, Neela, and Shane for their screw-ups. Susan told Shane not to bother returning if he wasn't going to take medicine seriously. Pratt learned that a guy named Charlie Pratt was still living in Chicago. Carter told Kem that he was moving back to Africa to be with her.

Sam has just finished her shift, and Luka walks her out into the ambulance bay. So she's speaking to him now? When did this happen? Luka says that he rented a movie and thought he and Alex might watch it. Is he dating Alex or Sam? I mean, it's nice that he wants to include Alex, but since his relationship with Sam is on the rocks, he might want to make more of an effort there. Sam says that Alex has a math test to study for, and Luka says that he wouldn't know, since Alex isn't really talking to either of them lately. Sam sighs that Alex wants to go visit his father. Luka asks if that's a good idea, and Sam says that Alex doesn't know the truth about Steve, and Steve isn't telling him. Luka urges Sam to tell her son the truth. Sam says that Steve promised that he would do it. And since Steve has been so great about keeping his promises in the past, that'll probably happen. I get that it's not cool to badmouth your kid's father in front of him and all, but I think Alex is old enough to understand that his father has made some bad judgment calls or whatever, and it doesn't mean he doesn't love Alex. Luka offers to tell Alex, which is about the worst idea I've ever heard.

Before Sam can respond, Carter staggers up carrying about five pizzas and soda, and Luka and Sam move to help him out. Sam just says, "Africa, huh?" Carter says simply, "That's where she is." Sam says that she has to leave because she doesn't have a babysitter, and apologizes for missing Carter's party. She kisses Carter on the cheek and tells him to take care of himself. Carter watches her go and then asks Luka, "'Party'?" Luka tells him to shut up, because it's supposed to be a surprise. Good one, Sam.

Luka and Carter return to the ER as Luka clunks, "I can't believe it's your last shift." For those of you just tuning in, who missed the "Previously on" segment that happened all of three seconds ago. Carter clarifies that he only has seventy-two minutes left. Carter tosses the pizzas on the counter and Jerry and Malik immediately descend upon them, and then proceed to complain about the free pizza. Maybe their bitching is all a ruse to try to keep Carter from thinking they care about him. It's working. Also, Carter's like a bajillionaire, and he couldn't spring for something a little nicer than cold pizza? Chuny wheels in a young girl who had a fall in school. She's accompanied by the school nurse. Damn. Our school nurse never accompanied anyone to the hospital. All she ever did was call your parents to come get you, or give you a glass of orange juice and some crackers if you forgot to eat breakfast. Although, since my mom worked at the school, I sometimes got to take naps on the little cot during my study halls. Ah, naps. Good times. Anyway, the little girl has injured her wrist, and she also has a lot of precocious-kid questions about the hospital, which Carter mostly ignores.

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