The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

Lucy tells Dr. Dave that if he doesn't confess to the Bunsen burner incident, Cleo will get fired. Dr. Dave insists that he turned it off. Whatever.

Carter asks Cleo to consult on the Husky Lad case. His blood sugar is 278. She asks if diabetes had been previously diagnosed, and he says he just got the test results back. She asks a series of rapid-fire questions: "Is he overweight? Crappy diet? Couch potato?" Carter says, "All of the above." Cleo mutters about sedentary kids eating junk food and playing videogames, and Carter asks how to treat the diabetes. She offers to speak to the family.

In the ambulance bay, Weaver fills Mark in on the Hawkeye situation: "I'd heard that Gabe had lost a power struggle with Renee Spielman over some junior staff tenure issues." Mark, rather judgmentally, says, "And you never checked when you hired him?" Weaver protests that she's known Hawkeye her entire career blah blah mentor blah blah reason I became an ER doc blah blah blah jumped at the chance to hire his fishcakes. Mark accuses her of jumping at the chance to impress him: "Student hires teacher." Weaver doesn't deny it, and adds that Dr. Spielman suspected signs of early Alzheimer's, but when she asked him to undergo neurological testing he blew up at her and quit, and Hawkeye and Dr. Spielman haven't spoken since. Mark says, "You have to fire him," and Weaver sort of moans, "No! She wasn't sure." Mark points to several symptoms: "His inability to cope with stress. Wandering around the halls because he can't remember where he's going." Weaver claims that he's always been "scattered," and Mark says that he could endanger patients. Weaver, on the verge of tears, says, "I don't know if I can do it! I mean, I love him as a father. I don't know if I could fire him." Mark turns and goes inside.

In the hall outside Husky Lad's room, Cleo is asking Husky Dad whether there's a history of diabetes in his family. Husky Dad says that his mother has it, and adds that he thought "this was something only old people get." Carter, trying to be Good Cop, says, "This type -- primarily, yes, but some kids are susceptible to it." Cleo says that they need to get Husky Lad into a diabetes clinic, and adds that there's a new drug that works well for kids, but is expensive. Husky Dad looks distressed at this news. Cleo asks if his health insurance covers prescriptions, and he says that he isn't insured "right now," and asks how expensive it is. Cleo says that it's $100 per month. Husky Dad takes a deep, anxious breath, and she goes on to say that Husky Lad will also need "constant monitoring and clinic visits." Husky Dad exclaims, "I can't afford that!" Cleo, continuing in her bravura turn as Bad Cop, says, "Look. Your son needs to lose weight, exercise, and control his diet. If he does all those things, he might not need the medication." Desperately, Husky Dad says that he's starting a new job "this week," but that the benefits won't take effect for three months: "Can this -- can it wait 'til then?" Cleo explains that the longer Husky Lad continues with elevated blood sugar, the more likely he is to develop complications.

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