The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

Elsewhere, Cleo "Doyle II: The Wrath of Doyle" Finch is attending to an old woman thrashing around on the bed and yelping, "Help me!" over and over again. Hawkeye comes in and stands on the other side of the bed while Cleo explains that she's delusional, but that there isn't anything physically wrong with her. She tells him the drugs she's already given the patient, and hands Hawkeye the chart. He regards it for a moment, then says he lost his reading glasses. The patient grabs his arm and shakes it, crying, "Help me! Why won't you help me? Please! Help me! Help me!" Cleo says, "These dementia cases are so sad. I hated my geriatric rotation; that's one of the reasons I chose pedes." While the patient continues crying for help and flailing around, Hawkeye says, "It looks like you're doing fine," and takes off out of the room. Hey, do you think it's because Hawkeye can recognize his own advancing early-onset Alzheimer's and fears that he'll be reduced to the same condition in a short while? Because I do! Dear ER writers: Remember what Sars said last week about the fact that we get it? WE STILL GET IT. Signed, Wing Chun. Co-signed, The world.

Anyway, out in the hall, Hawkeye watches the patient while Cleo and Yosh continue to try to calm her down. Weaver crutches up and asks, "How's she doing?" Hawkeye answers, "Fine," and walks off rather quickly. Mark comes up to give Weaver the tally of all the nursing-home patients and where they've ended up. At the end of it, he asks, "Do you smell gas?" Weaver says she does. Malik appears behind them and Mark asks if he can smell it; Malik smells it too. Weaver says she'll call maintenance and tells Malik to get everyone out of the hall. Mark walks into a trauma room and calls, "Definitely stronger in here." Right on cue -- because it's now an NBC by-law that there cannot be an episode of ER that does not contain the spectacular breaking of glass -- the window between the trauma room and the little lab blows out, knocking Mark to the ground and setting off the ceiling sprinklers. Mark covers his face with his hands and groans. I do likewise.

Hawkeye checks Mark's ear and says that both eardrums are intact. He asks, "Ringing still bad?" Mark, polishing his glasses, doesn't respond, so Hawkeye asks again, more loudly, and Mark nods. Weaver says that the fire department said that the explosion was caused by someone having left a Bunsen burner on. Cleo says that she was doing "a stain" earlier, but that she's sure she turned the burner off. Lucy gives Dr. Dave the stink-eye for a second, but he says nothing, and neither does she. Hawkeye asks Mark if he wants to set up an appointment with an audiologist, but Mark says it's not necessary: "I had it worse sitting too close to the stage at a Clash concert." Yeah, as if Mark ever went to a Clash concert. Just admit that it was Andy Williams, Mark; you'll feel better. Weaver says, "Could this day get any worse?" On cue, Robert "Rocket" Romano comes in from the adjacent trauma room, asking, "What the hell happened here?" Weaver explains as briefly as possible. Romano says that he heard the explosion on the fourth floor. Weaver says that, fortunately, no one was hurt, and adds the bit about the Bunsen burner. Cleo, Lucy, and Dr. Dave look guilty.

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