The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

Carol "Nosy Parker" Hathaway stands with her umbrella outside an apartment building as Meg comes out. Meg says, "Hi, what do you want?" not especially unkindly. Carol says that she tried to call, but that the phone kept ringing. Meg says that she doesn't always hear it, since it's down the hall, and that she has to get to work. Carol asks if Meg's still working at the pharmacy. By way of answer, Meg says that the pay sucks but the hours are good. Carol says that Meg's tests came back, and that Meg has to come back to the hospital to be treated for her bladder infection. Meg makes a brief whatever face, so Carol pulls out her eternal trump card: "A bladder infection can be very dangerous when you're pregnant." Uh, Carol? Hi. Yeah...uh, I think that if Meg really cared about her baby's health, she wouldn't have spent the first seven months of her pregnancy smoking and shooting up. I know that you'd like to buy the world -- and the world's unborn baby -- a Coke, but if Meg doesn't give a shit about her child -- and she clearly doesn't -- then all your ministrations are going to have no effect whatsoever, and you probably should have gathered that about two episodes ago. Anyway, Meg dismissively says that she'll come back when she gets a chance. Carol asks whether Meg has given any more thought to the detox program, and adds, "You really have to." Meg says that she stopped using "about five days ago." Carol says, "Good for you." Meg books. Carol watches her go. Carol? One more thing. I have this great vacation land in Florida that I really think you should buy. Also, the Brooklyn Bridge just came on the market. Are you interested?

At the desk, Weaver is on the phone yelling at someone that she needs doctors. Hey, maybe Luka's still around. Try the second floor. Behind her, a blond goateed guy in a tan shirt and an ID tag tries to get her attention. Without hanging up, she glances over her shoulder and snaps, "Go away." On the phone, she says, "I've got eleven fried old folks. You want to compare patient loads?" On another phone, Malik leans toward the Tan Shirt Guy and says, "You need something? Talk to the boss lady," indicating Weaver, who is in the process of yelling, "Hey! You're in a nasty car accident, I hope you end up down here so that I can personally be of absolutely no damn help to you whatsoever." Ha! And at the same time, that's really not going to be at all effective. Weaver hangs up the phone and turns back to Tan Shirt Guy, who is pretty cute, and introduces himself as "Andrew." She asks if he's a doctor, and when he says no, tells him to sit down: "I'll get to you when I get to you." He starts to go, but then blah blah Margaret Ramey sent me blah blah he's the substitute desk clerk. He starts to ask for instructions, but she cuts him off with a terse, "You're a clerk. Clerk." Before crutching off, she barks at Malik: "Get on the phone to anybody who has the day off. Tell them to get into work today if they still want to work here tomorrow."

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