The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

Hawkeye bitterly says, "What for? I have a progressive neurologic disorder." Weaver insists, "They're working with neurotropins, and antioxidants. Maybe you could get into a clinical trial." Hawkeye says, "I was thinking of committing suicide." Weaver looks desperate, and Hawkeye chuckles and says, "I can't figure out the best time to do it -- too early and I'll miss what little life I have left. I wait too long and I won't remember to do it." Weaver sobs and says, "Please don't say that." Hawkeye says, "God, I'm going to miss this. Medicine has been my whole life." Weaver says, "No, no! You could stay on. You could lecture the medical students, and the residents." Hawkeye looks disgusted at the suggestion: "But not see patients, right?" Weaver says, "Gabe, you are a brilliant doctor, and you are a wonderful teacher. Please, please don't give up those gifts." Hawkeye says, "I saw a woman this morning. Dementia. She had no idea where she was. She didn't know who she was. Ten years, that'll be me. Bedridden, in diapers, locked away in some home, nobody coming to see me." Weaver says, "I'll come and see you." Dude...not really the point. Hawkeye says, "Yeah, but I won't know you're there." Weaver sobs again.

Jeanie cleans out her locker, ending with the photos from her wedding, and a shot of the adorable Carlos. She gazes at these happily, then closes the door and peels her name off the locker door. In the hall, she watches the baby shower festivities for a moment, then turns, with a smile, and walks out. I know this was something Gloria Reuben expressly asked of the producers -- that they allow her character to leave the show with some dignity, and with joy -- and I'm happy that they obliged. Jeanie, we hardly knew ye.

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