The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

Benton drops Reese off at Carla's. Carla's hair still looks like hell, by the way. Oddly, Lisa Nicole Carson's breasts look a lot smaller in fake Chicago than they do in fake Boston. Carla hands Reese off to Roger. Benton holds up the manila envelope in his hand and tells her that he got a paternity test. Coldly, Carla says, "And?" Benton says, "And I'm not going to use it. I'm going to throw it away." Even more coldly, she says, "Why?" Benton says, "Carla, I put my hand on your stomach when you were pregnant, and I felt him move. I was there when he was born, and all those nights in the NICU. I wake up in the morning -- that little boy is the first thing on my mind. I go to sleep at night -- he's the last. I love him. He's my son. I don't care about biology. I don't need some damn DNA kit to tell me that. I don't have a whole lot in my life, Carla. My career [dismissive "psssht" sound]. Jackie and her kids. And that boy. He means more to me than all the rest of them combined. I'd lay down in front of a train for him -- that's how I love him. So I'm asking. I'm -- I'm asking, please, don't, don't take my son away from me. Please." Carla looks moved by this speech. Eriq LaSalle did a great job with it.

Conni uses the pretext of "something about overtime" to get Carol to the desk, where the female staffers all yell "Surprise!" and Carol pretends to be surprised. Malik calls Weaver away to tell her that Hawkeye's in trauma two.

Weaver goes into trauma two and asks Hawkeye where he's been. He says that he's been walking by the lake. She says she was worried about him. He quotes from a poem including the line, "I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief." He asks, "How can I remember a William Blake poem I memorized thirty years ago, and not remember that I saw a woman with a sprained ankle this afternoon?" Weaver looks very sad indeed. Hawkeye says, "I started to notice something was wrong about a year ago. You know, memory loss, and not being able to find the right word. I went to Boston to see an old classmate of mine. A neurologist. He did a PET scan and it showed bilateral hypoperfusion to the parietal areas. He started me on Aricept. It's supposed to put the brakes on the Alzheimer's, but I guess it didn't help enough." Weaver chokes back her tears enough to say, "Roz Chow is doing great work upstairs at the comprehensive dementia centre. You should go see her." I hope it doesn't say "Comprehensive Dementia Centre" on the door, because that might turn a lot of potential patients away.

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