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The Peace Of Wild Things

Carter surreptitiously removes, and discards, the top page of Husky Lad's chart, and then makes a bunch of noise about having lost that page. He tells Randi that Husky Lad can go home, since he only has a case of the stomach flu, and "we need the bed." Carter, I hope that kid goes blind and Husky Dad sues your ass. I really do. Maybe I don't have the appropriate perspective on this since I live in a country where medicine is socialized, and additional coverage is very affordable, but for a doctor to bow to financial pressures over his patient's well-being is, to me, pretty reprehensible, and Carter should know better. (Don't anyone trip on my soapbox on your way out, or anything.) ["Having had to hide my own heart murmur - not a threatening condition, by the way - from my insurers for well over a year, because it would double my premium (did I mention that it doesn't affect my health?), until I could get on the union plan and let one of their doctors 'find' it during a physical, I can see Husky Dad's point of view. I don't defend Carter's actions, or Husky Dad's, because HD should have sucked it up for his kid even if he would have let himself go for three months. But the health-care bureaucracy in this country forces people to make shitty decisions like this and it doesn't always let us do the right thing. Whew, good thing Wing left that soapbox here." -- Sars]

A glowing and altogether quite lovely Jeanie strides into the ER looking for Weaver. In the hall, she passes Chuny, who asks how Carlos is doing and invites her to Carol's shower. Jeanie says she'll try to stop by. She finds Weaver beside a homeless person who apparently "fell on his face again," and says that Malik told her it was important that she come in. Weaver says that she checked Jeanie's time cards and noticed that Jeanie had only worked two days in the last three weeks. She adds that they depend on her, and that when she calls in at the last minute, it makes it hard on everybody else. Jeanie says, gently, "I'm not coming back. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make it tough on everybody; I didn't intend to. I should have come to talk to you earlier." Weaver asks if everything's all right, and with a surprised tone, Jeanie says, "I've never been happier! I have Reggie, and the baby, and every time I'm at work I want to be home with them." Weaver says, sincerely, "That's great." Jeanie offers to work a few shifts until Weaver can find someone to replace her, and Weaver says, "No, no, no. But as the baby gets older, and doesn't need you so much, call me; there will always be a job for you here." Weaver says, "I'm gonna miss you," and Jeanie, tearing up, says, "I'm gonna miss you too!" and they hug. I'm gonna miss her too. Gloria Reuben is so beautiful when she smiles. It's a pity that Jeanie never had much to smile about, which, I guess, is why Gloria Reuben quit the show. You couldn't have taken some screen time away from St. Carol and given it to Jeanie? You writers suck.

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