The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

Behind the desk, Weaver asks Lucy if Hawkeye has come back yet; Lucy says no. Dr. Dave awkwardly confesses to Weaver that he may have left the Bunsen burner on. Weaver tells him that the fire investigator blamed the explosion on the gas line, since there was a ruptured pipe in the wall. Dr. Dave, with much relief, says, "Then I guess it wasn't me," and starts to leave. Weaver tells him that safety is their "number one priority" and that it's not acceptable for him to think that he left on a potentially dangerous lab tool. Dr. Dave says, "Yes, ma'am." Lucy gives him a "You burn" look. Weaver leaves a message on Hawkeye's answering machine.

Husky Dad walks into a trauma room where Carter is working on some paperwork spread out on the bed. Husky Dad comes in holding Husky Lad's chart, and asks if Carter wrote on it that Husky Lad has diabetes. Carter nods. Husky Dad asks Carter to tear it up. Carter says that's illegal. Husky Dad says that he's not a fool, that he loves his son and wouldn't do anything to hurt him, but that they're "just getting back on [their] feet." He says that he doesn't have the kind of money that Bad Cop was talking about, and that he'll have his new insurance in three months, "and it's good." He promises that he'll get Husky Lad on a diet, and exercising, and that he'll get his mother's pills and blood-testing kits. He further promises that if Husky Lad doesn't improve, he'll bring him back. Finally, he begs, "If there's a chance to do this any other way, please help us." Carter regards him silently. Carter, you are going to do this. And for that, you suck.

Mark fusses with some charts that got soaked by the sprinklers after the explosion. Carol says she did something and she's not sure it was the right thing to do. That's funny, because I'm sure it wasn't. What's your email address? I'm not shy about telling you so. Mark says that he is in the same position. She asks what he did, and he tells her about tricking Hawkeye. She tells him what she did to Meg. Mark asks if she wants to talk about it. Carol says she can't, because "the girls" are throwing her a surprise baby shower. Mark says he thought that was supposed to be a surprise. Carol says, "I'll look surprised," and after a beat says, "I miss Doug." Mark asks if she's called him, and she shakes her head. He asks if Doug's called her, and Carol says that he leaves messages on her machine, and that she thinks he calls when he knows she won't be there, so that she doesn't have to talk to him if she doesn't want to. Mark says, "You don't want to?" She says she doesn't know if there's anything left to say. Given the way Doug took care of Charlie the Homeless Teen, I bet he'd have a few words to tell you about your care of Meg. But whatever.

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