The Peace Of Wild Things

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The Peace Of Wild Things

It doesn't look good for poor Barry. Mrs. Barry asks what it is, and Carter explains that it's an irregular heart rhythm. Mrs. Barry asks how much longer, and Carter says, "A few minutes." Mrs. Barry cries, and repeats, "A few minutes."

Mark stands beside a patient on crutches and, when Hawkeye comes out of an exam room, calls him over. Mark says that Hawkeye told her to wait in chairs for a prescription over four hours ago. Hawkeye apologizes somewhat shakily, and says that he got tied up with other patients. He gives her a prescription and tells her to elevate her ankle and ice it three times a day. Weaver appears as he's handing the patient the prescription and asks to see him in the lounge. Mark says, "Thanks, Brenda." She replies, "That's it?" and hands him the crutches. As she sits down to remove the bandage from her ankle, Hawkeye whips around and starts yelling, "What's going on here? What is this?" Mark says that Brenda works up in accounting, she doesn't have an ankle injury, and Hawkeye's never seen her before. Hawkeye yells, "You tricked me?" Weaver quietly asks that they "not do this out here." Hawkeye defensively goes on to say that it's been very busy today, and he's seen several ankle injuries, and he got them confused. Weaver says, even more quietly, "I went to see Renee Spielman." Hawkeye looks horrified, and stomps out of the ER. Weaver calls his name a few times, to no avail.

Barry has flatlined, with Mrs. Barry holding his hand. Carter and Lily look sad. Mrs. Barry asks if Barry has gone. Carter says that he has. She cries a little bit more, then wipes her cheeks. She kisses her fingers and touches Barry's face, saying, "Barry, you're so sweet. Yes, you are. I'll miss you." Aw! Collecting herself, she says she needs to call her son, and asks where the nearest phone is. Lily says she'll show her. She pauses across from Carter and says, "Thank you, Doctor."

In a police car, Reggie "D'Shawn" Moore asks Carol if she's sure she wants to go through with this, since "jail isn't exactly the best place on the planet to have a baby." Carol sniffs, "At least she won't be high." As Sars has been saying all along, if she's been shooting up for eight months, the DAMAGE is DONE. The shady guy walks up to the back door of the drugstore; Carol says, "There he is," and D'Shawn calls it in on the radio. They wait a moment and Meg comes out of the store. They both glance around nervously and after a moment the guy hands Meg something that we are, of course, too far away to see. Also, Carol should be more concerned that Meg and her apparent dealer have cataracts, since they didn't spot the seven police cars that swoop onto the scene the next second. A cop gets the dealer up against the wall, and another couple of cops pin Meg. As they drag her toward one of the cars, she spots Carol and spits, "You bitch. How could you do this to me. You don't have anything to say to me? How could you do this to me?" Meg cries in the back of the car and glares at Carol, who gazes back with all the composure of the Madonna, and slowly looks away. I think it's probably against several regulations for Carol to be there at the bust, and I hope that Meg's lawyer knows about that and is able to get Meg's eventual arrest thrown out on that basis.

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