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The Peace Of Wild Things

Husky Dad asks, "This'll be a pre-existing condition, right? On my insurance? If you start treating him right now, then that's a pre-existing addition, and they won't cover him." Bad Cop, who knows where Husky Dad is going with this inquiry, says nothing. Good Cop says, "Oh, I don't know the specifics of your new plan, but it's possible." Husky Dad suggests that he start Husky Lad on a diet, and working out, and adds, "My mother's in an HMO -- she gets diabetes pills for free. He could take those for three months." Kate and I remark that there are many kinds of diabetes, and the odds that Husky Lad and his grandma have the same kind are slim, besides which an adult should know that you can't take someone else's medicine. Bad Cop insists that Husky Lad needs the support of a physician-supervised program, and that Husky Dad won't be able to change his lifestyle overnight, and furthermore that Husky Lad needs a nutritionist, an exercise specialist, and a diabetic educator. Husky Dad says, essentially, that he can't afford all that, and says, "It's only three months. I'll stay on him. We weren't even here, all right?" Bad Cop gets all up in his face and yells, "No, your son needs medical attention. This is a very serious disease. He could suffer kidney failure, heart disease, go blind." Good Cop tries to intervene, and Cleo says what I had just told Kate moments before (since my great-grandfather was diabetic and had to have both legs amputated below the knees): "There could be infections. He could lose his limbs." Good Cop asks if he can speak to Bad Cop alone for a minute. Husky Dad goes into Husky Lad's room and Carter says to Cleo, "I think you're making it worse." Cleo looks as disgusted as Kate and I feel, and says, "The man is seriously considering waiting three months to treat his son's diabetes." Carter says that if the insurance company won't cover Husky Lad, and Husky Dad can't afford the medication, what does Cleo think will happen to Husky Lad in three years? Cleo points out that if Husky Lad takes his grandmother's medication, he could drop his blood sugar, eat more, and gain more weight. Carter suggests that they start him on half a pill of his grandmother's medication, and instruct Husky Dad to put him on a diet and when the insurance kicks in, Husky Lad will get better care. Cleo angrily says, "You asked me to help because you don't know anything about type 2 diabetes in children. Sedentary kids don't change their lifestyles without professional supervision. Dad hasn't been able to get the kid off the sofa and away from the potato chips and pizza in the last twelve years -- what makes you think he's going to be able to do it now?" Lily darts in to tell Carter that Barry is in v-tach. Cleo says that if Carter lets Husky Lad walk out to accommodate Husky Dad's financial problems, he'll be endangering Husky Lad's life. Carter purses his lips. Dude, SHE'S RIGHT. (I know that was long, but in light of what comes next in this storyline, I really wanted to get it all down, because it irritated me.)

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