The Greatest Of Gifts

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The Greatest Of Gifts

Props to Sars, for all the usual reasons (and for letting me rip off her carol-themed nicknames, which she inaugurated last year); to Niki, for letting me pinch-hit on last week's Once & Again; and to gerstens, who has pledged never to read anything I wrote ever again. That sure filled me with the holiday spirit, I tell you what.

Previously on ER: Chen told her mom that her baby's father was black, and her mom clutched her pearls; Weaver claimed that she was straight, and not attracted to Kim; Benton told Kynesha that she couldn't hang around outside Jackie's house, and Kynesha told him she had nowhere to go; Chen told Elizabeth that the latter was pregnant; Dr. Death told Mark that his brain tumour was inoperable (and Wing Chun was cautiously optimistic that Dr. Death was right); Chen told Frank Bacon that he'd fathered her baby, and that she needed his permission to give the baby up for adoption.

Morning in the ER. Haleh and Amira watch a news report on the snow. Kerry "Here We Come a" Weaver"ing" comes in and remarks that it's "freezing" outside. There's more chit-chat about the depth and breadth of the snow (she didn't bother with her car, blah), and I feel them because it's dumped on Toronto twice this week and threatens to do so again, I think, tonight; there are treacherous half-melted puddles everywhere and I still don't have any good winter boots. It's enough to make you want to stay inside all the I mostly have been. But enough about me. Weaver crutches behind the desk and asks John "I Saw Twelve Steps" Carter what he's still doing there; he says there was a five-car pile-up and six of the eight wounded came to County. But he's wearing his suit and holding his coat, so he looks to be on his way out. Weaver exposits about a "temp attending," whom Haleh pronounces "worthless," adding that "Carter, here, had to keep the board running." Which makes him a better ER supervisor than Benton! He's surpassed his mentor! The universe is going to fold in upon itself. Carter sincerely thanks her for the props (without using the word "props," sadly) and asks Weaver what happened to the attending they had last week; Weaver mutters that he got a job in the Bahamas, and Carter says he "knew that guy was too smart for this place." She asks him where she's needed, and he tells her they're slow at the moment, gives Haleh some last-minute orders, and makes to go. Weaver crutches after him and apologizes for putting him on nights "so soon," and further exposits that, "with Mark gone, the schedule's a mess." He philosophically notes that they "all do [their] share of nights," and asks if she's heard from Mark. Weaver says she hasn't: "They got there Tuesday; I didn't want to call. I mean, if it's good news, they'll..." and trails off. I hope she never hears from him. Carter nods and makes for the door again, telling her he'll see her later that day, at 4 PM.

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