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Benton ushers a couple of cops to Radiology, where Braids has just had her CT-scan. It seems that, off-camera, Braids told Benton the shooter's name, but before the cops can do anything, they need to hear it from Braids, since she's the witness. Benton warns them that Braids will be reluctant to share the information, and asks what they can do if she won't tell them; apparently, not much. The CT-scan is favourable. Braids spots the cops and gets agitated, insisting that she doesn't know anything.

Mark shoots baskets in the ambulance bay. Carter comes out and jovially tells Mark he looks like he's feeling better. He adds that he refilled his prescription and asks whether Mark wants to watch him take it; Mark says it's okay, and thanks Carter for helping him. Carter asks whether Mark wants to talk about what happened, and Mark demurs. Carter reminds Mark that, since he did treat Mark, anything Mark tells him will be confidential. Mark's voice tightens and, still dribbling and shooting, he announces, "It's quite simple. I have a brain tumour." The camera does a rapid one-eighty around Carter, as if to (subtly, not) visually represent the fact that Mark has just rocked Carter's very world to its fragile foundations, but really, Mark is no Benton, and the most Carter can manage in response to the news is a strangled and slightly high-pitched, "What?!" Mark tells him what kind of tumour, and adds that it's inoperable. Carter is chagrined, and gently asks what Mark is going to do. "Die, I guess," Mark offers. I very seldom say this about anything that comes out of Mark's sorry mouth, but, word. Carter cocks his head in mild disapproval of Mark's glibness, and Mark adds, more sincerely, "After today, I probably won't be able to work anymore." Carter asks whether Mark got a second opinion, and he replies that they double-checked the biopsy. Carter clarifies that he meant an opinion from another neurosurgeon: "I mean, there's got to be a clinical trial going on someplace, right?" Mark tersely (but not unkindly) says that he's looking into it. An ambulance pulls in, and Mark tells Carter they'll need him. Carter looks quickly back and forth between Mark and the rig, and finally asks Mark, "Are you going to be okay?" Mark gently tells Carter that's a stupid question, and Carter realizes his mistake and shakes his head at himself. Mark asks Carter to keep the rumours at bay until Mark has a chance to speak with Elizabeth.

Outside Danvers's library, Matt Craven asks Elizabeth whether she knows what time it is. She glances at her watch and answers, "2:47." He says, "Correct, but it's not the right answer...The right answer is 'yes' or 'no.' 'Yes' or 'no' when possible. Don't elaborate." She shirtily informs him that not all questions have "yes" or "no" answers, and he repeats, "'Yes' or 'no' when possible. Don't elaborate." Um. Matt? Yeah, hi -- this is exactly the kind of coaching I meant when I said that she wasn't sufficiently coached. You couldn't have had this conversation, maybe, sometime before you went into Danvers's library? Elizabeth, get a new lawyer. Matt Craven goes on to explain that cases aren't won in deposition, but they can be lost at that stage: "Now, at best, this is a stain that follows you for the rest of your career; at worst, you lose your license. We're not here to win an argument. This is about information. He's looking to gain information to use against you in court. We're looking to limit that information." "You mean, hide the truth," she Pollyannas. Oh, Jupiter Christmas. Naïve much? What are you, eight? "I didn't say that," replies Matt Craven, digging into his hot dog. Mmmm. Hot dog.

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