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Mother? Fuck 'er!

After the break, Mark is laid out on a bed. Carter orders tests. Lydia tells Carter that Mark is awake, and Carter hurries over and asks Mark to squeeze his hands. Mark asks what happened, and Carter tells him that he had a seizure, but that his vitals have been stable, and he didn't drop his sats. He adds that Mark will need a head CT and tries to perform a rudimentary neurological exam on him. Mark is having none of it, and quickly climbs up off the bed and gets dressed. Carter tells him that they need to work this up, and that Neuro's coming down for a consult. Mark keeps insisting that it's not necessary, and books as fast as his legs can carry him, with Carter still protesting that he even got Luka to cover Mark's shift, and that Mark needs to under go more tests. In the hall, Finch asks him whether he's okay, and he curtly says he's fine. He next passes Dr. Dave, who says he heard Mark had a seizure. "You heard wrong," Mark declares.

Deposition of my crushing boredom. Danvers is trying to get Elizabeth to admit that the endoscopic surgery was the easier and faster option for her. It turns out that she performed Mr. Patterson's surgery more quickly -- by a margin of twelve minutes -- than she'd ever performed the procedure in her life. She admits that she had an engagement after Mr. Patterson's surgery. Matt Craven tells her not to say anything more, and they leave. She really could have been coached better than that, I think.

Lisa quickly ushers Sally into the hospital as Sally blathers about wanting to see the owner of the store, since if she could just talk to him, he'd want to hire her. Finch and Luka both watch as Lisa races to an exam room. Luka asks Finch what happened, and she tells him that she doesn't know. However, she does know that Mark had a seizure. Oh, the office gossip mill. How I do miss it. At my last place of employment, I was the editor's assistant so I knew all the dirt before anyone else. It was a sacred trust I violated over and over and over again. It was the only reason I stayed in that job as long as I did, actually.

Anyway, Sally yips on and on: "I've never understood who try to make themselves feel big by making other people feel small." Shout-out? Lisa sits Sally down on a bed and pulls the curtain around her. Sally's new theory is that Shop Woman chased Sally into the window because she was threatened by Sally's obvious experience in the retail field. Lisa starts undoing the loose bandages wrapped around Sally's various wounds and idly asks, "Did you even have an interview?" Sally winces at the pain and insists she did have an interview. Lisa tells Sally that she'll need stitches, as well as an x-ray to ensure that there's no glass in any of her cuts. She tells Sally to wait and heads out. Sally calls after her to wait, and desperately demands to know whether Lisa's mad at her. Lisa quietly and with steely self-control replies, "No, Mom, I'm not mad at you." She leaves Sally in her curtain area and hurries off. Luka watches as she goes into the adjacent trauma room, covers her mouth with her hand, and then sits down, looking lost. The soundtrack to his watching Lisa, by the way, is Sally's litany of grievance: "I hate people. I have so much more experience than you." Can't someone just knock Sally out with a fire extinguisher, for real? SHUT UP, WOMAN!

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