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Mother? Fuck 'er!

Lisa leaps out of her SUV at the scene of Sally's evident crime. A paramedic is trying to treat Sally, but she is angrily telling him -- at a pace of ten miles a minute -- that her daughter is a doctor and that she will take care of Sally. Sally spots Lisa trying to bypass Sally and go straight to a nearby police officer; Sally waylays her to say that none of this was her fault, and that some man she didn't know came after her. A woman -- I'll assume a woman from the shop -- interjects, "She was shoplifting." Sally rounds on her and barks, "I was not shoplifting! Why would I shoplift a ten-dollar scarf?" "It's a three-hundred-dollar scarf!" Shop Woman replies. Holy shit, really? Admittedly I am no fashion plate in my Old Navy t-shirt and fleece leggings right now, but for $300 a scarf better double as a lawnmower before I'd think it was a worthwhile investment. Anyway. Shop Woman tells Lisa that Sally walked straight through the shop's door and shattered glass everywhere. Lisa nods rapidly, evidently not even considering contesting the charges against Sally, and tells Shop Woman and the nearest cop that they don't want to arrest Sally: "Believe me, It's not worth your trouble. I'm a nurse at County --" The cop asks what's wrong with Sally, who hysterically answers for herself: "Nothing! Nothing is wrong with me!" Lisa looks down and speaks over her: "She has a mood disorder." Shop Woman snaps, "She was stealing." Lisa replies, "She wasn't stealing, she was confused." Shop Woman spits, "You weren't there! She walked into the store, demanded a job, and when I explained to her --" "Let me tell you something, dearie -- I have better retail skills than you do any day of the week!" hisses Sally. Shop Woman is both incredulous and amused. Lisa turns on her and snaps, "Be quiet, Mom!" Sally goes on for a while about her retail skills, and Lisa gives the cop her phone number and offers to pay for the broken glass. Shop Woman snottily asks, "What if she comes back?" and Lisa promises that Sally won't come back. The cop confirms that Lisa will take care of it, and Shop Woman finally agrees not to press charges as long as they get Sally out of there. Shop Woman? I'll go in on that action with you. Get Sally out of here! Her constant yammering is making me so very, very tired.

At the hospital, Mark enters a trauma room as Dr. Dave accompanies a patient out. Carter comes in and, to Mark's back, snaps, "What." Mark offers the witty rejoinder, "Huh?" and Carter reminds Mark that he wanted to see Carter. Mark tells Carter that his naltrexone level was non-detectable. Carter says he thought it was just a drug screen, and Mark reminds Carter that taking naltrexone is one of the terms of his contract. Carter calmly says that his prescription ran out, and that he hasn't had a chance to refill it. Mark raises his voice a little to repeat that Carter knows he's supposed to take it. Getting even calmer in the face of Mark's agitation, Carter evenly replies, "And I'm taking it. I don't need it, but I'm taking it." Mark looks down and passive-aggressively chuckles a bit. "What?" Carter asks, and Mark hissyfits, "You're not the only one with something at stake here, Carter! We put ourselves on the line to give you a fresh start! In any other circumstance, you would either be dead or in jail." Carter takes a step back the better to let Mark have it: "'Fresh start,' huh? You really think this has been a fresh start? I think that I've done absolutely everything that you've asked of me, and I think I've done it without complaint. I think that I've obeyed all these arbitrary and arcane rules and regulations about what patients I can treat and what patients I can't, and when I can treat them, and when I can't." The Strings of Imminent Trauma thrum on the soundtrack as Mark looks vaguely nauseous. Carter's on a roll: "I think I've peed into cups! I think you've taken my blood, and I think at some point, it's going to have to be enough. I think at some point, you're actually going to have to trust me!" Mark's face is crumpled in on itself, and he falls to the floor, taking a small tray of instruments with him. On the floor, he shakes and seizes. Carter and Chuny administer ativan. I yell at the TV, "Swallow your tongue! Swallow your tongue!"

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