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Mother? Fuck 'er!

Lisa prepares to draw Carter's blood, and Carter engages in a lot of lame gallows humour: "I guess I should have had that blood transfusion this morning, huh?...Check my cholesterol while you're at it." On the other side of the room, Mark writes on a chart; Carter amiably calls, "Hey, you, you're supposed to be watching this! You better watch!" Mark looks up and snits, "You think I want to be doing this, Carter? I don't have better things to do?" Carter stares back like a wounded puppy, and Lisa asks Mark what she should do with the blood she's just drawn. Mark curtly tells her to give it to him. Carter leaps off the bed, snaps, "Are we done?" and makes for the door; before he can complete the Carter Stomp out of there, Chuny sticks her head in and tells Lisa that the paramedics called to say that Sally's hurt, that she's outside a clothing store, and that she's asking for Lisa.

Benton and Finch talk to a cop, who says there's not much he can do for Braids unless Braids gives him some names. A nameless nurse pokes her head out and tells Benton that Braids wants to talk to him.

Within, Benton tosses some x-rays on a table. He tells Braids that she broke her cheekbone, and that they'll have to do a CT-scan of her face. Braids says nothing. Benton scoffs, "So, you're really going to protect the girls who did this to you, huh?" Braids says that she's protecting herself, since if they find out she said anything, they'll kill her. "Like they did Jesse?" Benton leads the witness. Braids is quiet for a long moment, and then says, "You don't know that." Benton says he knows that Jesse wasn't a gang member, and that Braids is. "Was," she corrects him. Benton adds that he knows the only reason Jesse was in that neighbourhood was because of Braids. Braids murmurs, "He only came there twice. He said he didn't like me banging. Kept telling me that I was better than all that. That he loved me. That he was going to get me out!" Oh, it's just like Romeo and Juliet, except with people getting kicked in the crotch until they bleed into their panties. Oh, wait. That happened in Romeo and Juliet. Oh, no, excuse me, I'm thinking of A Winter's Tale. Anyway, Benton takes in Braids's story and asks, "You're telling me that's why they killed him?" Braids continues, "He ditched school. Tried to get me to come over. Told me that his mom was going to figure things out. We had a fight. I was walking away when it happened." "You saw who shot him?" Benton asks. Braids muses, "That's why I don't want to be a part of it no more. I loved him, too!" Benton asks who shot Jesse, and she evasively says that he'll just go to the cops if she tells him. Benton says that he won't, and she asks why, then, he wants to know. Benton growls, "'Cause I gotta know." Braids tells him to swear he won't say anything, and he asks her again, "Who murdered my nephew?"

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