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Mother? Fuck 'er!

Mark evidently decides that the best thing to do after getting hit unexpectedly by this devastating news is to go to work anyway, and inflict his bad mood on his oblivious co-workers. He starts by bitching about how backed up it is. John "Total Eclipse of the" Carter haltingly says that he doesn't know why it's so backed up, since he just started his shift; Randi says it always gets like this when Weaver's off. Weaver's off? Yeah, happy fucking holidays to me, not. DAMMIT. Randi adds that Weaver left Mark a note, which he reads. Carter asks what happened to Mark's head, and Mark feeds him the jogging/street sign cover story. Carter makes for a couple of patients we'll never see, and Lydia appears to tell Mark about a patient with palpitations; Mark gives a quickie diagnosis that Carter, overhearing, corrects, and Mark takes back his initial orders, thanking Carter for the catch. Carter asks him whether he's okay, and Mark waves Weaver's note and says that since it's been three months, it's time to do a blood and urine test on Carter. "Right now?" Carter asks, and Mark says it has to be sometime in the next six hours. "Whenever," Carter says tightly, and Mark adds that if Carter wants privacy, Mark will do the stick, or Carter can ask a nurse; Carter says he'll get Lisa to do it.

Benton does an ultrasound on a wan-looking Braids. Apparently her belly is fine. Under a sheet, Finch performs an external pelvic exam and asks Braids when she last had intercourse; Braids claims she doesn't remember. Finch asks Lisa for a "Wood's lamp," which, when pointed at Braids's action, shows no semen in the vicinity. "What?!" squeaks Braids. Finch tells Braids that she needs to do a full-on pelvic exam, and Braids objects and tries to get off her bed. Finch says they have to check her out, and Braids tells them just to "fix [her] face." She explains that she didn't get raped: "I got beat up. That's all." Long story short, she got jumped out of a gang, and proudly says, "I did okay. Some girls, they get real messed up. I did okay!" So she probably got that bleeding in her underwear from getting kicked in the crotch? Um, ow. That's why I could never be in a gang. Well, it's one of the reasons. Another is that I'd have to spend a lot of time out-of-doors, and I don't care for that. Finch purses her lips and sits in judgment. Benton prefers to stand in judgment.

Back at the deposition, Danvers and Elizabeth argue over whether she rushed Mr. Patterson's procedure because of Jesse's arrival at the hospital before Mr. Patterson's operation. Danvers knows Jesse's relationship to Benton, as well as Elizabeth's former relationship with Benton. Matt Craven tells her not to answer whether Benton is a "former lover." Danvers moves on to whether Jesse's death upset her ("of course") and how long it upset her ("I'm not sure"). Blah blah, the point of his line of inquiry is whether she messed up Mr. Patterson because she was upset about Jesse.

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