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Mother? Fuck 'er!

Outside, Lassie leads Timmy to the boy trapped by, my bad, what actually happens is that Sally shows Finch to the bleeding girl and then proceeds to place herself between the patient and the caregivers, and generally to make a nuisance of herself. (I hope you were sitting down when you read that.) Leaning against a lamppost is Braids, Jesse's girlfriend, first introduced in "The Visit." Sally hands Braids a handkerchief and tells Finch and Lisa (following close behind) that Braids's apparent assailants "hardly stopped the car." Beset by the crowd, Braid mumbles through her split lip, "I'm okay," and Sally, fluttering around in front of her, insists, "No, you're not okay!" Lisa tells Sally to step back, and Finch helps Braids to sit down on the curb. Basically, Finch attempts to perform a preliminary exam on Braids (who claims she "fell") while Lisa and Sally bicker. Sally reluctantly leaves. Finch determines that Braids did not experience a loss of consciousness, and tells Lisa to get a gurney and page x-ray. Lisa doesn't respond at first because she's too busy watching Sally leave, but Finch gets her attention and she takes off.

In a posh-looking law office, Elizabeth nervously waits with her lawyer, played by Matt Craven; some of you may recall Mr. Craven as That One Ugly Doctor on the short-lived L.A. Doctors. He's Canadian. I seem to recall Glark's mom telling me at some point that she goes to the same beauty parlour as Matt Craven's mom. Anyway. A suited female assistant tells them that opposing counsel called from the car and that he's on his way. Matt Craven leafs through a magazine and looks generally unconcerned; he checks his watch and notes, "We'll wait another five minutes, and then we'll leave." Elizabeth says that she took the whole day off, and that she can stay, but Matt Craven tells her, "We shouldn't have to play these kinds of games." At that moment Opposing Counsel I Presume strides in and greets "Gordy" (Matt Craven); Matt Craven pointedly looks at his watch before standing and shaking his colleague's hand. Opposing Counsel is played by Zeljko Ivanek (and yes I know there is a diacritical mark over the Z but there is no such character in HTML), best known as D.A. Ed Danvers on Homicide. He shakes Elizabeth's hand and remarks, "They didn't tell me you were so stunning." She gazes at him serenely and he snorts, "That's okay, you don't have to respond!" He turns his back and Elizabeth shoots Matt Craven a "the fuck?" look. Danvers asks an underling whether the court reporter is set up, and the underling directs him to the library.

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