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Mother? Fuck 'er!

Benton pulls his car up outside Jackie's house. Where's Walt? Uh, Walt is reshingling the shed; Rex the Wonder Preemie is holding the nails in his prehensile tail. Benton asks Finch whether she's coming in, and she says she doesn't want to intrude, and that she'll wait for an invitation. As he's closing his car door, Braids appears. He grabs her roughly by the arm and asks what she's doing there. She says, "I went to the store, like you said!" (Huh?) He asks whether Jackie's seen Braids, and Braids says she hasn't. Benton urgently says, "You can't be here." Braids squeals, "The cops was there, hooking up the cousins! They're going to think it was me!" Finch gets out of the car and watches as Benton asks Braids whether she's been home yet. Braids yelps, "No! They're going to kill me! I'm dead!" Benton shushes Braids and hustles her into the car. Finch manages to look somewhat horrified.

On the deck, Mark stares at the stars. Elizabeth comes up looking dismayed. He asks her how the deposition went; she says it went "terribly," and sits down to bury her face in her hands and confess, "I lied. I lied! The fact is I rushed. I rushed through and didn't inspect the entire surgical field. That man will never walk again because I wanted to get out early for the weekend, and I couldn't even claim responsibility." Mark says nothing, but raises his eyebrows. Elizabeth continues tearfully, "I sat there, and I swore to God, and I lied to save myself." Mark smiles ruefully and offers, "God owes us one." She looks up and he adds, "I think you're allowed to be selfish for a while." She senses something's up, and he pulls his chair closer and leans in. He opens his mouth and, after a moment, admits, "I didn't run into a street sign. I had a biopsy. Those, uh, headaches weren't from hockey." The camera pulls back to show them clasping hands, and then her throwing her arms around him. Not shown: Elizabeth's visit to her lawyer to make sure the mortgage insurance is in order so that she can keep the house free and clear when he dies.

After a tricky dissolve, we find ourselves in Luka's hotel room. Luka is asleep. Lisa gently takes his hand off her shoulder, climbs out of bed and heads for the bathroom. She quietly closes the door behind her, sits on the edge of the tub, turns on the water, and, with her hand clamped to her mouth, sobs piteously.

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