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Mother? Fuck 'er!

In the library, Elizabeth is pulled up short by the sight of Mr. Patterson in his wheelchair. She wheels around and asks Matt Craven what Mr. Patterson is doing there. Matt Craven says that Mr. Patterson has a right to be at his own deposition, and that they've brought Mr. Patterson in to rattle her, but that she should pretend he's not there, and not let it affect her testimony. Danvers asks whether they're ready. Matt Craven says they are.

Lisa watches through the glass as Kim "Mitchell" Legaspi speaks with Sally. After a moment, Mitchell and Carter come out into the hall, and Lisa asks Mitchell, "You removed the restraints?" Mitchell says that she can admit Sally voluntarily, but that she doesn't meet the criteria for a hold. "Ran through a plate-glass window," Carter mutters by way of rebuttal; Mitchell judges that "an accident," adding that Sally is "not gravely disabled; she's not a danger to herself or others." Lisa, whose skull Sally tried to crush with her bare hands moments earlier, looks down and replies, "That's debatable." Mitchell argues that Sally is "rapid cycling: probably experiencing a drug-induced mania." Carter adds that Sally's blood alcohol is .092 and Mitchell says, "Well, that'll do it." She asks whether Lisa wants Mitchell to admit Sally. Lisa looks askance and says, "I don't care." Mitchell says that she'll admit Sally, and tells Lisa, "She wants to talk to you. She's remorseful; she wants to apologize." "No, thank you," Lisa says, and walks off. Of course, Sally appears in the doorway, sobbing, "Abby, I'm sorry! I'll go in the hospital! I'll get better! I'll get better! I'll get better! I'll get better! I'll get better!" I really hope you people appreciate my sacrifice in having to listen to these snatches of dialogue ten times, because if you think Sally is annoying when you watch the episode, she's...well, ten times as annoying when you have to hear her screeching and moaning over and over and over again. Lisa keeps on walking, trying to maintain.

Benton walks Braids out to the ambulance bay, telling her to keep frozen peas on her face for the swelling, and to take ibuprofen for the pain. She doesn't say anything, so he puts her in a cab, adding, "Hey. He was my nephew. You know I had to do something." She fixes him with a level gaze and flips him off. "Yeah. Good luck," he replies. Heh.

Finch helps some old bag out of an ambulance. Benton wanders over and tells her he thinks they'll find the shooters. They get back together. He tells her she's the only thing in his life that makes sense right now. Well, I should think that in an ambiguous world, her binary functions are very soothing and reassuring. She tells him to take her out for dinner. From the other side of the room, Glark yells, "DUMP HER!" Seriously. Enough. She sucks. He doesn't. They have nothing in common.

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