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Mother? Fuck 'er!

Luka stitches Sally's hand. Oh, god help him. She leans her face way too close to him and asks him how many stitches he thinks she'll need; he guesses four or five. She coos, "You're so good at this. You're so gentle!" Hey, that's what Lisa said! Just kidding. But, not really. Excuse me a moment...ahhhh. He diffidently thanks her without looking up, and she fails to quit while she's ahead: "It's hard to believe, 'cause you have such great, big, masculine hands!" Suddenly she gasps and tells him to hold still; she catches a stray eyelash on her finger and tells him to make a wish and blow. He pauses and, with barely disguised contempt, replies, "That's all right." She offers to blow for him, and basically blows into his eyes. She asks, "What did you wish for? Don't tell me, don't tell me, don't tell me." Behind her, Lisa has appeared, and to Luka, she says, "I'm sorry." Sally turns on her and asks what she's sorry for. Ignoring her, Lisa says, "It's part of the disease." Sally throws her head back and laughs bitterly, "Oh, ho, ho, yes, we're going to now apologize for your diseased mother, are we?" Hey, Sally, I know you're bipolar, but pick a pronoun and run with it. To Luka, Sally says, "She's always misbehaving. You know, Abby never wanted me around her friends." Lisa, noticing that the tone of Sally's voice is getting angry and rushed, tells Sally to stop it. Sally yaps, "She was always ashamed -- ashamed and embarrassed. You think I don't know that?" Lisa quietly tells her to calm down, but Sally gets up in her face: "You would walk right by me and pretend you didn't know me! You'd pretend I didn't even exist!" Sally starts repeating herself, and Lisa keeps asking her to sit down so that Lisa can finish her hand, and finally she snaps and...well, snaps, "Shut! Up!" Sally starts racing even more, and points her finger at Lisa's face: "Don't you sass me! I'm your mother!" "Not by choice," Lisa replies, and Sally lunges for Lisa's head, digging her thumbs into Lisa's cheeks and grunting ferally. Luka quietly moves the tray of pointy instruments away as Lisa grabs Sally's wrists, forces them down to her sides and warningly asks, "Do you want five of Haldol?" Sally immediately squeals, "No!" and starts apologizing frantically. Luka tells Sally that if she sits down and behaves, they won't have to give her anything. Sally breaks away from them and runs down the hall yelling, "I'm leaving! I'm leaving!" over and over again. She practically runs straight into a security guard, and then turns and runs back toward Luka, who grabs her around the waist and carries her bodily -- Sally screaming hysterically all the while -- toward a bed. Carter joins them and calls for five of Haldol; Luka calls for leather restraints. Sally starts sobbing for Lisa not to let the doctors restrain her. Luka tells Chuny, who's appeared with the restraints, to put Sally on monitors. They strap down Sally's arms and legs as Sally screeches, "NOOOOOOOO!" Carter says Sally's name over and over, I guess in an attempt to calm her. Sally sits up and growls, "You're my daughter, you little bitch! Make them stop!" Lisa works silently and tries not to cry. Okay, Sally? Sybil was thirty years ago. You've now chewed your way halfway around the Warner Brothers lot. The Friends can no longer sit on the couch at Central Perk because you've got all its upholstery stuck between your teeth. Dial. It. DOWN. Because you're going to give me an inoperable brain tumour pretty soon.

Law office. Elizabeth emerges from the loo and Matt Craven tells her they're ready to start again. He observes that she looks peaked, and tells her that if she can't maintain her composure, they should resume on another day. She assures him that she'll be fine and strides confidently toward the library door.

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