The Crossing

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The Crossing

Props to Sars and Djb, who livened up stately Wing Manor this week and even left us one unopened bag of BBQ Super Mélange. God bless you crazy kids.

Previously on ER: Mark and Elizabeth were all schmoopy in bed; Mark was all pissy at Weaver for, as he put it, turning him in to the Medical Board; Benton was all schooling Romano's ass about the access to educational opportunities minority students don't have, but Romano didn't care; Bishop Cromwell was all telling Luka that everyone deserves to be comforted in their darkest hour, and then they had a little tiff about whether or not God was there when a little girl died after being struck by a car; Bishop Cromwell was all collapsed at church, and Luka told Fr. Lackey to call 911.

Luka "Haunted, When the Minutes Drag" Kovac, in a dark turtleneck and with a bandaged hand, kneels in front of a guy in a barn jacket, and stares off into space. There's an audio filter on the soundtrack that makes everything sound muffled; I think we're supposed to intuit that he's distracted. But I'm not sure. I don't really understand common TV tropes, so it's a good thing the director's instructed Goran Visnjic to physically shake it off and come to his senses, placing his stethoscope on the guy's chest and instructing him to breathe deeply "again." Barn Jacket says it hurts when he breathes, and asks, "Could it be my heart?" The camera has swung around, by this time, to show Kerry "Jones" Weaver chatting with Kim "Mitchell" Legaspi at the end of the corridor. Luka doesn't answer, so Barn Jacket asks him, "Something wrong?" Mitchell takes off, and Weaver crutches toward Luka and Barn Jacket. "Hey!" Barn Jacket asks, when Luka continues ignoring him. Luka finally shows some sign of life, and Barn Jacket asks about his heart, again. Luka says it's probably a bruise to his chest wall, and that they'll get an x-ray. "You were lucky," he adds, before straightening up and following Weaver to the desk. "We'll probably be sifting through the walking wounded until morning, but I think we're over the hump. Carter just brought up the last critical," Weaver tells him. "How many came in?" Luka asks. "Thirty-seven; five in surgery. Only two ER deaths -- that's not too bad, considering," she replies. "If you don't count the DOAs," Luka adds. Weaver tells him he did a great job, and tells him to go home. Randi pipes up to say that the board's backing up, but Weaver confidently says they'll be fine, and repeats her order that Luka leave for the day.

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