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Abby calls out to Weaver that Keith is waking up. "Should I call Lewis?" she asks. "It's her patient," Weaver says without turning, because her face betrays her nerves. Then, she's distracted by a commotion in Trauma Green -- Crazy Toe Girl is thrashing around and screaming, because she wants her mother to go away. Weaver figures that CTG is more pleasant than her own conscience, so she tries to help Elizabeth restrain the beast. CTG rages about being locked up at boot camp and how she's the victim of maternal neglect. Weaver calls for two units of Ativan. "Make it four. I could use a good buzz," spits CTG, her toe glaring at Kerry angrily. Mama CTG tearfully insists that she only sent CTG to boot camp because she wanted to help her. "Liar!" screams CTG, booting a tray of instruments right into her mother's face. Elizabeth screams for hard restraints as Weaver escorts a crying, bloody-cheeked Mama out into the hallway. Mama CTG sobs something about how totally freaking insane her hideous daughter is. Kerry responds by leaving to watch Luka pronounce the victim of a hate crime; this provides her a better vantage point from which to stare into Trauma Yellow at Susan removing the tube from Keith's throat.

Creeping into Trauma Yellow, Kerry listens to Susan ask Keith if he's allergic to anything. Keith shakes his head. "Have you taken any new medications?" Susan asks. Keith coughs. "Penicillin," he answers. When pressed, he uncomfortably lies that his ex-girlfriend called and confessed that she had syphilis, and told him she'd taken penicillin for it, so he ganked a friend's strep throat prescription and treated himself. Then his toes glaze over and he chants, "Scientology rocks. All praise L. Ron Hubbard." His toes flicker up to meet Kerry's; she nods, barely perceptibly. Brainwashing complete. Susan sighs and looks at Kerry, who arranges her features into something resembling distress at the human tragedy of it all.

Gallant treats a Russian woman and her screaming baby. He tells Luka that he's waiting for a translator. It's not immediately apparent why the woman is there, except to give Gallant an excuse to be adorable and blow up a rubber glove to amuse the child, and sure enough, the baby is delighted with this floating latex udder. Does he do parties? Gallant cheerfully asks Luka for a letter of recommendation for his school files. Luka refuses and leaves, Gallant gaping after him.

Weaver is at the tail end of a rant into the phone at Alderman Bright's assistant. She screams that he needs to call her, then slams down the phone and more sedately upbraids Luka for skipping out on his mandatory therapy. "We had an agreement," she wheedles. "I never agreed to anything," he insists. "Well, you came back here, didn't you? I told you it was mandatory, didn't I?" She's desperate, almost pleading. Luka barks that he doesn't need to see a shrink, and disappears into Trauma Yellow, which is oddly apropos given what a coward he's being about psychotherapy.

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