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The camera pulls back to show a woman's leg, bare, her foot in a heeled sandal. "We only have fifteen minutes left," she says. We cut to her face, and it's the Janel Moloney hooker. "Do you want to keep talking, or do you want to get to it?" she purrs. Luka chews on this, then stands up and moves toward her, his crotch headed tantalizingly toward the camera. Oh God make it stop, that's so mean.

Chen shows up at the front desk dressed in a tight red tank top and a black miniskirt, crowing that she can go straight to the casino once they arrive. "Where you can sing backup for Tony Orlando," Frank snarks. "Who?" Chen asks blankly. Oh, honey, who are you kidding? Wake up and smell the anti-wrinkle cream. Susan promises to meet her outside. As she erases the last of her patients from the board, her toes are drawn up to a news conference held by the alderman. It's on the night's newscast, and we can see Kerry over Bright's right shoulder. He is babbling about how lovely and idealistic Keith was, and how sudden and tragic and heartbreaking his death was. The captioners have the speech going very differently, referring to statistics on drug-allergy deaths; we don't hear any of that. It's all just glowing, gushy Keith stuff. Weaver exits the lounge and stops near the desk to watch the conference, her skin almost green. Susan turns and looks long and hard at her boss. Weaver's tired toes meet Susan's disappointed ones. Then Weaver heads home, trudging her way into the fierce wind.

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