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Carter screeches up beside Abby in his repaired car and gets out. She stops and turns; they stare at each other. Abby limply holds out her arms and half-shrugs, I believe as if to say, "This is me, if you can handle it." Carter appears to shake his head. She lowers her arms and walks gingerly toward him, leaning her head onto his shoulder. Slowly, she embraces him and he responds, resting his cheek against her hair. Okay, I have no idea what that was. Either they're going to work on it, or they're realizing they're broken, or what. It might have made things more clear if Abby and Carter didn't look so bored just something. Maybe they are as bored of themselves as we are of them. I guess I think that was their way of trying to reconcile. Apropos of them, it involved no actual helpful communication.

Luka rants at Mama CTG that she needs to provide a stable environment for her insane toe-challenged daughter. Elizabeth shows up for her token twenty-second scene, toting a sweet Ella, and dismisses Luka sternly. He vanishes in a cloud of hot smoke. Mama CTG bitterly spits that she wishes this was the first time her daughter had acted out, but it's not, and she's sick of it all because she's tried to fix things a thousand times before. "Enjoy her while she's this age," Mama CTG nods toward Ella. "She's not old enough to hate you." Elizabeth furrows her brow, aware that Ella will hate her plenty once she sees a photograph of Mark and her doomed DNA.

Gallant is in the lounge when Luka enters to get his coat. Gallant tries to apologize for the baby getting a chunk of udder in his throat, but Luka's okay with it because the kid lived. Then, just as he's about to leave, he pauses. "I think you're one of the best med students that's come through here in a long time," he tells Gallant. "The place will be lucky to have you." Gallant appears confused, then, by Luka's refusal to write him a recommendation letter.

Fortunately for us, Luka is going to explain everything. "A letter from me wouldn't mean much," his disembodied self says. "They only tolerate me. They know I can burn through a shift. Tomorrow..." And here, we cut back to Confessional Luka: "I'll get up and do it again." A woman's voice asks if he's considered taking time off. "Yeah, yeah, maybe moving home, I don't know," he says, sinking lower into the leather chair. Didn't he already take a week off after storming out of the ER? "There's a cartoon I once saw in a magazine [of] a little man sitting in a room with two doors," Luka recounts. "One door says 'Do Not Enter,' and the other door says, 'Do Not Exit.' So, um, he just sits there. Holding his hat." Dude, that sounds like a Ziggy cartoon. Do not tell me Luka is finding inspiration in Ziggy. That little guy never wins.

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