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Cut to Confessional Luka. "Today we saved a teenager's sight, I saved a child's life...I didn't feel it," he admits emptily. He shrugs, concerned but detached. "Didn't feel anything," he whispers after a pause. I don't think this is telling us anything new. He's been dead inside for a while. We get it. This is what "Hindsight" was all about. Can we have some foresight now, TPTB? Or in my case, just any sight at all out of my still-broken left toe?

Kerry paces nervously upstairs, waiting for the alderman. Anspaugh appears instead, apologizing for keeping her waiting, assuming she's there for him. "Is Robert here?" he asks, pleasantly. Kerry is confused, so he reminds her about the meeting. Clearly, what with all the Keith and the death and the pacing, she forgot all about it. Kerry asks for a minute; just then, the alderman steps out of the elevator. "I've been trying to reach you," Kerry whispers, breathy and shrill. "Calm down," he says. "This is why we have medical records and nurses' notes," Kerry continues to trill emotionally. The alderman tries to usher her elsewhere. "Keith died," Weaver chokes. "Keith died." Bright seems stunned.

Romano -- perhaps utilizing his unerring instinct for smelling blood in the water -- appears on the scene. "What brings you here?" he asks Bright. "I'm checking on a staff member," Bright says. Hee. "Staff," "member"...That's Keith all right. They make small talk about the budget. "Dr. Weaver did an excellent job of articulating your needs," Bright says. "Well, she's our own little...articulator," Romano says through gritted teeth, fairly certain that she articulated herself all over his "staff member." He notices Weaver skulking away, and calls her on it. "I need a second," she coughs. "You okay?" Romano frowns. Bright changes the subject by asking about Romano's arm, and whether he's seen any further trouble with it. "[Nothing] worse than getting severed in the first place," he replies glibly. Hee. Somehow, Bright manages to extract himself and follow Weaver without arousing suspicion, or indeed anything else.

Bright and Weaver arrive in a private room, although there are still people in scrubs nearby; I'm not sure why Weaver doesn't wait until they're completely alone to give Bright the bullet, but she doesn't, choosing instead to wail-whisper it before the door's even shut. She's the worst at covering her tracks. Chuny already knows the alderman had syphilis, Jerry knows she was trying to stop the lab from being processed, Frank and Susan know Keith was looking for her, and now half the surgical floor knows she's arguing with the alderman in a quiet room. What happened to discretion, or leaving the premises? At any rate, Kerry's almost incoherent. Bright ushers her into another room, and we watch them for a second, barely able to discern words. We can tell she's freaked out and he's trying to calm her down. "Slow down," he is telling her when we cut into their chamber. "We gave him a shot of penicillin, that's what caused it," Weaver babbles, pacing and wringing her hands and gasping for air. "I didn't ask. We always ask. But we always have a chart, and the chart reminds us that we're treating a patient correctly!" The alderman totally wants to slap her, the way everyone slapped that woman in Airplane!, but he doesn't. The alderman is all business, finally insisting to Kerry that he told Keith it would be a penicillin shot and Keith was fine with that, because he didn't know about the allergy -- so this would've happened anywhere, no matter who treated him. This is little comfort to Kerry, who is uncharacteristically unglued.

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