Survival Of The Fittest

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Survival Of The Fittest

Props to Sars, Kim, my parents, and Glark, for helping me to get through one of the most stressful weeks of my life. And thanks to everyone else for being patient while I wrote this, since it was about the last thing on my mind.

The stupid cable company failed to switch to NBC at the right time, so I missed the very start of the "Previously"s. From what I saw, Elizabeth was a beeyatch to Benton; Rena and Carter told one another that they aren't sluts; Romano told Elizabeth that he appointed her Associate Chief of Surgery so that he'd have a lieutenant in the field, and she didn't take it well; Rena told Carter that she was nineteen; Carter told Abby Rena's age, and Abby was appropriately scandalized; Carter broke up with Rena.

Over the title screen, we hear some crabby old lady complaining that she needs to go, and that her kids are coming home from school. Once we see her, we realize how unlikely this is, because she' know, old. Cleo "Transparent .Gif" Finch assures Granny that it's only 10 AM, and that she'll be home in plenty of time to meet the kids at the bus stop. Granny continues complaining about her empty "icebox" and how expensive ground chuck is as Finch calls Peter "Black Like Me" Benton over to take a look. As Granny continues droning on in an annoying and shrill stream of consciousness, Finch tells Benton that Granny's name is Mrs. Howard, and that her nursing home sent her to County because she stopped eating. Benton opines that it doesn't sound like a surgical case, but Finch explains that it could be: "You took out her gall bladder last month." When I first watched this episode, I got this old African-American lady confused with the one who dissed Benton in "Flight of Fancy" because she only wanted a white doctor working on her. But that lady was in the hospital for hip surgery, not gall bladder surgery, and her name was Mrs. Barnwall, not Mrs. Howard. So, uh...never mind. Anyway, Benton looks at her, smiles (I guess in recognition), and says hello. She coos that it's "so nice to see" him. He tells her his name, and she says, "I know! I never forget a handsome face!"

As Benton turns to confer with Finch, a little dark-haired kid goes tearing down the hallway behind them. Far behind, John "Mack Daddy" Carter bellows, "Simon!" but the kid is way too fast for Grandpa Carter. Simon dodges carts and gurneys, and finally ducks into a supply closet, running smack into Abby "Lisa" Lockhart, causing her to drop her armload of sheets. Lisa makes a surprised noise, and then bends down to ask Simon who he is. Out in the hall, Carter calls, "Simon!" Lisa asks, "Are you Simon?" The kid shakes his head no.

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