Supplies And Demands

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Supplies And Demands

Previously on ER, Benton suggested to Roger that Reese needs the stability of one home; Roger balked, and Jackie sneered at him. Neecole, the French waif-waitress, flirted with Luka at his local pub and then showed up at the ER claiming to have been fired from her job. Elizabeth lost another patient and Romano ribbed her tensely about it; Carmen from Infection Control popped up to test Elizabeth for bacterial infections.

At Jackie's quaint home, Dr. Peter "Needs To Get Laid" Benton hops around and shoots kiddie hoops with his son Reese while sister Jackie watches with a smile. Reese has the ball and drives to the Fisher-Price hoop. Peter plays lax defense and pretends to commentate on the game, but with one fatal flaw -- he's standing behind his deaf son and he isn't signing anything, so all that parental effort is for naught. Peter might as well be calling him a pussy bitch and insulting his mother. Like, "Yo' Mama's so skanky, no one noticed she died because they're so used to seeing her lyin' flat on her back." Ah, Satan. I'll be there at four for tea. Reese scores. "Slam dunk!" whoops Jackie. Peter celebrates. Jackie informs Peter that she's taking Reese to visit Joanie "on campus," which thrills Peter because it indicates a return to normalcy for his sister. Peter tells Jackie that Roger will be picking up Reese that afternoon so that they can attend a cousin's birthday party. Jackie isn't impressed, especially when she learns it's a cousin on Roger's side, and therefore, "not a real cousin." Nice, Jackie. I wonder if you're his real aunt. Jackie's appalled that Roger seems to be setting Reese's schedule now, but Peter insists it's important to all of them. "I'm sure [Roger] misses Reese," she softens. "More importantly, Reese misses him," Peter replies. Jackie argues that it's too confusing for Reese, because Roger really isn't part of the family. Peter scoffs that Jackie, of all people, should understand the need for Roger to grieve slowly and at his own pace. It grates Jackie to have her pain thrown back in her face like a cream pie; she wipes flakes of crust off her face and stalks past Peter to Reese, ignoring her brother's apologies. "Say bye-bye to Daddy," Jackie says pointedly. Reese and Peter high-five, and Jackie promises to have him ready for his date with Roger.

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