Such Sweet Sorrow

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Such Sweet Sorrow

"No, it's funny. Really." -- Wing Chun

Thanks to Djb, the a-t-e summarizers, and the crew on the boards -- and as of next season, Wing has this beat to herself, so especial thanks to her, as always.

No previouslys this week, since the producers probably assume we've all locked it in for sweeps and don't need reminding about what went before. A guitar twangs ruefully as the ceiling-cam pans along John "Sleepless In Lake Forest" Carter's bedroom floor, and Bush's Gavin Rossdale begins musing on "dark" and "pain" as we cross the parquet floor and the Oriental rug and the silk robe at the foot of the bed and up to Carter himself, attired in The Dick Van Dyke Show-era pajamas and staring dead-eyed at the ceiling. A fade to Carter wandering around the darkened grounds of the estate; another fade to Carter lighting a cigarette by the pool. Hey, Carter started smoking, just like Mark did after he got attacked! So I suppose cigarettes = emotional turmoil. In other news, we get it.

Yet another fade, accompanied by Gavin singing, "Whatever you say, it's all good / Whatever you do, it's all right," to Carol "Saint Elsewhere" Hathaway awakening to the sound of one of the twins crying. She drags herself blearily out of bed and goes into the nursery, and she rubs Kate's tummy and tells her to go back to sleep before hoisting Tess out of her crib and soothing her: "What happened, did you have a bad dream?" She shuffles towards the kitchen with Tess in her arms, murmuring, "Oh, man, Tess, you're killin' me."

Fade back to ceiling-cam, this time twirling above Abby "She's a nurse! [slap] She's a doctor! [slap] She's a nurse! [slap] She's a doctor! [slap!] She's a nurse and a doctor!" Lockhart sleeping on a gurney. "Forget It" Haleh "It's Chinatown" Adams wakes her with the news that the paramedics are bringing in a twenty-two-year-old woman with pelvic pain. Abby says "okay" without opening her eyes. Haleh asks if she's getting up; Abby says yes, but she clearly isn't. Only when Haleh asks if she should wake Malucci does Abby sit up and pull herself together. She pads out into the hall with Haleh and asks how long she slept. About twenty minutes, Haleh tells her, and Abby says dryly, "Well, that must be why I feel so refreshed." Lydia joins them, and the three of them go out the ambulance-bay doors; Abby asks, "So is this a med-student hazing thing, or do you guys just hate me?" Haleh tells her, "You're younger than us, prettier than us, and skinnier than us," and Lydia chimes in, "We hate you." Um. Okay. The sound of a siren gets closer as Abby smoothes her hair and says, "Thanks for the candor." Then Abby -- mirabile visu -- puts. Her hair. Up. Total shout-out, thank you very much. Abby comments that it's cold, and Lydia snarks that she should go back in: "We don't need you to help us push a gurney." Abby dons a pair of gloves and says placatingly that she never thought she'd even get into med school, she "was just looking for a change," but Haleh won't have it and tells her to stop talking "before one of us hits you." Hee! Haleh rules. As they walk over to the ambulance, the camera pulls back up to sky-cam . . .

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