Start All Over Again

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Start All Over Again

Previously, Susan Lewis showed up at County General and sent Elizabeth into a jealous fit because Mark didn't mention a lunch date with his former crush. Carter won the Chief Resident job because Chen resigned. Benton needed someone to pick up Reese, but Jackie ignored his call and forced him to bring in Roger. The Ponytail PI found Weaver's birth mother. Elizabeth's breasts leaked milk during surgery. Rachel will be staying with Mark and Elizabeth. Finally, Mark hired Susan as the new ER Attending.

We fade up on Dr. Kerry "Maybe Brunettes Have More Lesbian Fun" Weaver, whose new hair color glints under fluorescent lights. Does anyone remember when Laura Innes was on Wings, and she played Lowell's unfaithful Southern wife Bunny? They used to put her in tight country-girl dresses. It was like a whole different career. Here, Weaver is on the phone with someone and is leaving a message. It's "nothing serious," but she has "some personal info for [her]." It's probably her birth mother. Dr. Susan "I Pull In Twenty-Five Million Viewers" Lewis enters the lounge to report for her first day back at County General. "All set?" Weaver asks pleasantly. Susan gripes good-naturedly about congestion on the El and asks Weaver for a locker. "Sure, fourth to the right," Weaver responds absently. Susan approaches it and hesitates momentarily when she sees the "Chen" name tag lingering there. "I'll have them take the name off," Weaver adds. Susan jiggles the door, trying in vain to open it. I'm not sure why Weaver didn't give her Malucci's locker. It's probably just more fun to bring up Chen's name and let Weaver glower for the camera.

When Susan emerges and heads for the front desk, Malik crows, "I heard it, but I didn't believe it!" Running toward her, Malik sweeps Susan off her feet in a huge bear hug. "We missed you!" he cheers. Haleh beams and kids that she can't believe someone talked her into returning. I can't believe it was so unbelievably easy. Mark handed her a grimy, moldy old lab coat and tried to turn her return into a personal favor, and Susan folded faster than a cheap folding table that graduated summa cum laude from Fold College with a major in Free-Form Fast Folding and a minor in Abnormal Psych. Haleh tells Frank that someone took a shit in Exam Two. "Ah, Frank, our mad crapper's back!" Malik chortles. I feel like this belongs in the Undeclared forums. Frank grouses that if he catches the mad crapper, "he'll be pooping in a bag." Susan, meanwhile, has been quietly absorbing all of this, looking around with the eye of an employee, not a visitor. "What happened to the board?" she asks, looking at the transparent surface that lives where the whiteboard once did. She probably should have noticed that last week, since she waited for Mark for ages and even STOOD IN FRONT OF IT for fifteen minutes. ["Maybe she got distracted by the flasher." -- Wing Chun] But this is just an excuse for Haleh to grumble that Weaver changed the board, despite the fact that it's really a very good idea because passing, hurried staffers can read it from either side. Plus, the camerapeople really like shooting through it.

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