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Previously on ER: Wendall and Carter kissed, awkwardly. Abby told Neela to give herself at least a week to outshine the rest of them. Weaver praised Susan's job as Chief, but added that there was still a lot of room for improvement and additional leadership.

Susan grabs a fax while talking on the phone, trying to explain why County's patient satisfaction scores have dropped. Maybe because the doctors just do whatever they want, and never get in trouble for it? Or because they hire people like Malarkey and Shane West? Luka walks in and does that thing where he inserts himself into Susan's phone conversation, which is usually annoying, but it's Luka, so I'll give him a pass. Susan promises to work on improving the scores, and hangs up. Luka guesses correctly that she was talking to Weaver, whom Susan refers to as "the four-letter word beginning with a c." Crip? That's insensitive. Luka thinks she means "Crab." Susan explains that their patients hate the residents (Ray, Morris, and Pratt get singled out) for not listening. Luka tries to brush it off, but Susan adds that Neela got the lowest score of all. Luka asks about Abby, which allows Luka/Abby fans (I refuse to use the word "Luby," or "Carby," or whatever) to keep hope alive. Susan says that Abby had good patient satisfaction scores, but has other issues. Luka points out that the interns have to learn medicine before they can learn how to interact with patients, and that they need to be taught both. Susan says, "You can't teach empathy." She spots Shane West and adds, "Or common sense." Shane West is wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and dirty jeans. I don't know many jobs where that outfit would be appropriate. Maybe unemployed actor, which is something I'm starting to hope Shane West learns a lot about, and soon. I know he hasn't opened his mouth yet, but shut up, Shane West. Susan takes him to task for his attire, and takes the opportunity to remind everyone of the dress code, which includes no piercings. Jerry asks if she means visible piercings. That line would have been funnier if Frank had said it. Or Luka.

Susan spots Pratt wandering in, two minutes late, and yells at him, but he completely ignores her. Susan asks Abby if the tone of a woman's voice makes it easier to ignore. Maybe it's because you never shut up, Susan. People tune you out. Like Abby is doing right now. Susan tells Abby that she got a call from the Renal Attending that Abby covered for (or lied to, depending on your viewpoint), and in order to smooth things over, Susan had to review all of Abby's charts for the past three months. Abby still can't believe Susan did that, but Susan ignores her and starts listing off all the mistakes that Abby made, or shortcuts Abby took. Abby has explanations (or excuses) for all of them and concludes with a bitchy "And who are you?" Susan is stunned that Abby is questioning her authority. I think Susan could have started out by letting Abby know that she supports her, and Abby could have dropped that attitude down a notch. Like it or not, Susan is her boss, and thus gets to tell her what to do.

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