Secrets And Lies

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Secrets And Lies

Previously on ER: Abby, after being shot down by Carter, told him that if he wants a girl with no history he'll need to find a virgin. He said he'd settle for one not hung up on another man. Later, Carter kissed Susan -- twice, actually; she later helped Mark home from the hospital and sat with him to make sure he pulled through the Gamma knife brain surgery. Abby agreed to sleep on Luka's couch until she finds a new apartment.

Morning. Abby "The Big Bangs" Lockhart is asleep on a black leather couch, lying on her back, her arm splayed up across her eyes to block the sunlight. The sound of grinding coffee beans jolts her into consciousness. "Sorry, did I wake you?" Dr. Luka "Skywalker" Kovac calls out, standing behind his kitchen counter. Abby clears her throat and sits up stiffly, seeming a bit disoriented, probably because she spent the whole night suppressing the urge to crawl into Luka's bed and worship him. Hmm, projecting much? Luka smilingly apologizes for not insisting on taking the couch, but Abby swears she slept well on it. "I started some coffee," Luka says, sauntering to the couch and gazing down at her. "Oh, that Turkish mud that you like," she chuckles. "It'll get you going," Luka laughs. "It'll eat a hole in your stomach lining," she cracks. Awkward pause. They're slipping into old jokes and comfortable banter. Abby blinks and asks permission to use the bathroom. Luka nods, and then leans forward, puts his hands on her face, and...examines her eye. Dang. Abby is silent. Luka drops his hands, and they stare at each other for a few beats. That would be my undoing of his pants, that is! Yeah!

Dr. John "Whee!" Carter skips down Susan's street, almost tripping over a street-sweeper. I wonder if that was in the script, or if he just bumped into the extra. Either way, Carter flails. But he recovers without spilling his coffee and buzzes up to Susan's apartment. She doesn't answer, so he backs away, looks up quizzically at her window, and calls her. Why do people do that? Like she's going to suddenly get a window vibe and run over to it and let her hair down so he can climb up. No. In the distance, we see Dr. Susan "Home Perm" Lewis hurrying to her front door. "Carter!" she yells. How romantic. Nothing says lovin' like using your boyfriend's last name. As Susan roots around for her keys, Carter pleasantly reminds her of their 7:30 yoga class, then pauses a bit when he realizes she's already dressed. "You're out early," he notes, trying to keep suspicion out of his tone. Susan distractedly tells him she slept at Mark's place. Carter's heart stops. "On the couch," Susan tsks. Fade out on Carter struggling for air.

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