Sailing Away

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Sailing Away

Props to Kim and J-Dawg, some of the best houseguests ever, and to Sars, even though she totally showed me up as a recapper with the twenty-four-hour turnaround this week. Yeah, Sars. We're all so impressed. JERK. (Just kidding. Jerk.)

Previously on ER: Abby's mother -- who is called Maggie but is played by Sally Field and is so indelibly Sally Field that I just can't call her anything but Sally -- unexpectedly showed up in Chicago; Abby told Sally she couldn't take care of her; Weaver figured out that Sally was bipolar; Sally started flirting with Luka, and when Abby offhandedly told him the flirting was part of Sally's disease, Sally physically attacked Abby, jamming her thumbs into Abby's cheeks, and then various ER staff administered Haldol as Sally shrieked; earlier, Sally told Abby she was sorry, and cried.

Before we see them, we hear John "Millhouse" Carter and Rena "Skipper" Trujillo discussing some tickets she wants to get. Evidently, she's trying to surprise him, because as we fade up (with a super reading "Friday" across their chests), he's guessing, "So it's either a sporting event or a concert." "No more hints!" she tells him, petulantly. They're both in workout attire and she's walking her dog, Norman. Abby "Lisa" Lockhart rolls up behind them, carrying a takeout cup of coffee, and says hi. Carter asks if she's on "swing," and she says she only has an hour left, before asking Rena if she's taking her dog to work. Rena says they're just picking something up. Lisa leans down and scratches Norman's head; Carter warns her not to let him get too close to her leg. Rena basically tells him to shut up. Insert non-witty banter about Norman's potential to hump Lisa's Lisa straightens up and then groans. Carter asks what's wrong, and she points out a BMW parked by the ambulance-bay doors. Carter doesn't get it, and Lisa tells him to read the license plate. Rena gamely puts her newly mastered phonics skills to the test, sounding out, "Man o Med?" Lisa tells Carter it's Richard, and heads inside. Rena asks who Richard is, but we already know, so we don't have to hear the answer.

Lisa hurries inside, asking Randi, at the desk, whether there's a guy named Richard around. "Your ex?" Randi asks, in a tone that suggests that all the nurses were paged about this bit of news as soon as Richard made his appearance, and tells Lisa he's in the lounge, "talking to Dr. Kovac." Lisa's all, "Great," and takes off for the lounge, calling back over her shoulder that Randi should call Security, since there's a car illegally parked in the ambulance bay.

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