Ruby Redux

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Ruby Redux

Previously: Abby wasn't sure if she wanted people to know that she was dating Jake. Pratt met Olivia, a woman who ran a non-violence organization. Abby treated two sisters who panhandle for a living. Susan pooh-poohed Morris's application for Chief Resident.

Chuck (with Cosmo) and Susan discuss the fact that they need to buy a house, but they're not having luck finding a place. Susan is in the midst of getting dressed up for something -- she's wearing a suit. Susan also pronounces "realtor" as "realator," which is one of my pet peeves. Chuck expositions that it doesn't seem fair that Susan had to work all night and now she has to go back in for this meeting. Susan freaks out because she thinks that Chuck is saying she looks tired, and then freaks out again because there's baby detritus on her jacket. Susan explains that it's a tenure meeting. Chuck accuses her of worrying too much, but Susan says that getting tenure would mean financial security for their family. Chuck offers to return to work, and there's a funny sight gag where his pajama pants match Cosmo's high chair, like maybe Chuck has been home too long. Chuck adds that Susan could make more money at a private hospital. Susan checks her look in the mirror and says that she belongs at County, and wants to stay. She kisses Cosmo and Chuck goodbye, and promises to be home after her two meetings of the day. Chuck sadly points out that she has a smudge on the back of her jacket, and Cosmo laughs.

Neela greets the paramedics. Doris gives the bullet: the patient is Jules Rubadoux, age eighty-five, and he fainted. Ruby first doubts Neela's medical credentials, given her young age, and then protests that he was tripped. Doris says that it was "a syncopal event at his bridge club," and that Ruby was unconscious for thirty seconds. Ruby continues being a crotchety old man.

Some teenaged patient screams at Carter, "Get out of here and bring back the omelet! Now! And it better now have spinach in it! I hate spinach!" Hee! Carter closes the curtain and quizzes Abby and Shane (along with an assortment of students) about the case. Shane guesses that the patient snorted antihistamines. Abby gets the correct treatment after some big hints, and the other students chime in with answers.

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