Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Props to Sars, whose tales of childhood family vacations gone awry recently made me laugh until I blacked out.

Previously on ER: Carter took some Vicodin, then confessed to Abby, who told him to tell Weaver; Weaver, for her part, was dissed and dismissed by Kim Legaspi, who was attracted to Weaver in spite of Weaver's heterosexuality; Kynesha brought a "Tiny" over to Finch's house; Finch got all bent out of shape about it, and Benton cowered like a dog and promised it wouldn't happen again; someone cut open Mark's head, and then put it back together -- I know, I don't get it either.

Over the usual black screen, a phone rings. The lights go up on a bed containing Cleo "Cleossus: The Forbin Project" Finch and Peter "Hey, Did You Know the Word Gullible Isn't in the Dictionary?" Benton. Finch rouses herself and reaches for the phone. She testily asks who it is; then, hearing the answer, she flicks on the light and sits up in her nearly transparent spaghetti-strapped stretch tank top, asking the caller to tell her what happened. Taking in the set decoration, I experience a moment of terror at seeing what appears to be a crib in the corner of the room. No! No, Benton! Don't breed! Didn't you see Demon Seed?! But it turns out just to be a knickknack table with a white cloth the folds of which, at first glance, suggested the slats of a crib. Anyway, Finch says into the phone, "Kynesha, slow down," and behind her, Benton covers his mouth, and groans. Resigned, he sits up and takes the phone from Finch, allowing her to "express" "annoyance" by pinching the bridge of her nose and pursing her lips. "Did he put his hands on you?" Benton asks Kynesha "Braids" Nolastname, rather urgently and sounding fully awake, where she is, then tells her to wait there, and he'll pick her up. He hangs up, and Finch snips, "You're going?" Benton says that Braids "got into it with somebody at the halfway house," and took off. Finch asks whether Braids "report[ed] it to the manager," and Benton mutters, "I guess there's some kind of problem there, too." I don't know how he could get that from what we heard; I guess we're supposed to think Braids was talking extremely fast. Finch asks where Braids is, and Benton says she's in (at?) South Federal. Finch crabs that she thought that neighbourhood wasn't safe for Braids, and Benton huffs, "That's all she knows, Cleo." Finch suspiciously asks whether Benton doesn't think it's strange that Braids didn't call until 4 AM; Benton rhetorically asks Finch whether she expects him to leave Braids "on the street" when "it's ten degrees outside." Pfft. Wuss. Oh, wait -- that's Fahrenheit. Okay, I guess that's pretty cold. Finch makes sure she gets the last word: "You're never going to get rid of her." She settles back into bed, turning off the light. I have to say that I agree with Finch here, but 4 AM on a cold, cold winter night is really not the time to debate -- besides which, she didn't even ask exactly what Benton planned to do with Braids once he picked her up, so whatever.

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