Refusal Of Care

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Refusal Of Care

Previously on ER: Abby was worried about everyone at work finding out she's dating Jake. Jake wasn't worried. Luka convinced Steve to leave Alex behind while he ran from the law. Carter couldn't tell Wendall he loved her, so Wendall bailed on him.

Jake and Abby lie in bed, entwined. Who can sleep like that? Jake has hairy arms, although they are also muscular, so that kind of makes up for it. A siren outside causes Abby to wake up, and she checks her clock, and then starts freaking out because she and Jake are going to be late for work. Jake is either not that awake yet, or not that worried. Abby yells at him for shutting the alarm off as she grabs clothes from her closet. Jake puts his shirt on, and Abby can't believe that he's going to wear the same clothes to work for two days in a row, as she explains that he's back in the ER now. In other words, people might know that Jake stayed over at Abby's place! The horror! Seriously, where has Abby worked for the past few years, because in the ER I know, that information has already traveled the gossip circuit and now falls under the category of "old news." And also, so what? Jake doesn't think this is a big deal either, and he grabs Abby and pulls her into his lap as he asks if people will think that he doesn't do laundry or sleeps in the park. Abby giggles as Jake kisses her cheek. Why does he like her, again?

At County, rounds are beginning, and Pratt is practicing his Spanish to ask where Abby is, since she's late. Dude, even I know how to say that in Spanish, and I've never taken a Spanish class in my life. So Pratt might want to step it up and put the big juicy doctor brain to work, is what I'm saying. Pratt claims he's learning Spanish to "relate to the community better," but Neela totally calls him when she walks by and asks, "Oh, yeah? What's her name?" Luka hands out a case of asthma going to the ICU and Pratt jumps up and takes it. Carter reminds him to teach the residents, not just do it himself. Luka prepares to leave, and Sam runs up and asks him to drop Alex at soccer after school. Luka tries to get out of it, saying that Alex is still pretty mad at him. Sam says it could be an icebreaker, but Luka thinks they should give it a little more time. Sam relents, and kisses Luka goodbye.

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