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Only Connect

Previously on ER: Abby worked with Jake, the hot medical student. And then she got kidnapped at gunpoint. Luka tried to help robotic Neela to become a real girl. Not that way, you perv.

Abby lies in bed, staring at the water stains on the ceiling. She glances at her nightstand, on which lies a copy of Howard's End, an issue of The New Yorker, and the book Dubenko gave her for Christmas. Some wanted to interpret that as a sign that she likes Dubenko that way; I thought it meant she likes to read, and that the book was so boring that she was using it to put her to sleep. Abby lies there staring some more, and then her alarm goes off and the sounds of NPR's Morning Edition fill her bedroom. I could never wake up to NPR. I would just go right back to sleep. Their voices! So soothing!

Meanwhile, Sam and Luka are arguing on the train. Sam is pissed because Luka bought a $50 concert ticket (performers unspecified) for Alex without checking with her first. Luka thinks it's about the money, and adds that Sam doesn't need to pay half the rent and utilities. The people around them on the subway are totally listening to this fight. I think the woman behind Luka is thinking, "Hey, if you don't want him, shorty, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers." Sam insists that she took care of herself and Alex for ten years before Luka came along, and that doesn't need to change now. Luka says that she's worried about losing her independence and losing control over Alex. Sam looks pissed and accuses Luka of always telling her what she's really mad about. Luka thinks she usually doesn't know. And he's, what, some sort of mind reader? How about asking her why she's mad instead of telling her? Or taking her words at face value instead of accusing her of having a hidden agenda? Pretty people sometimes have poor relationship skills, because they can. Sam stomps over to the door and waits to get off. Luka calls out that it's not their stop, like Sam thought it was.

Neela does dishes as Abby shuffles out of her bedroom, wearing pajamas. Neela asks Abby a series of questions that no sane person would feel like answering moments after they got out of bed. My husband knows not to speak to me in the morning unless I speak first, or it's an emergency. I'm just not pleasant until I've been awake for about an hour. Anyway, Abby picks up her cigarettes, and Neela asks if she wants to eat anything before she smokes. Yeah, because nothing goes with a morning cigarette Also, guilt trips. Breakfast of champions! Abby thanks Neela, who offers to make French toast. Abby is like, "Um, aren't you leaving for work soon?" Neela says she has time, and then offers Abby a drink, like, Neela? Back off. I get that you're trying to be nice, but give a girl her space in the morning. Abby asks if Neela was vacuuming last night. Neela apologizes for keeping Abby awake, and Abby thinks better of whatever she was about to say and thanks Neela instead. Neela, apparently unable to take a hint, starts asking Abby if she's ready to go back to work today. Abby says she's got to get back to her life sometime, so why not today? Neela says everyone's been asking how Abby is, and Abby doesn't respond. Neela puts on her coat and walks over next to Abby, who blurts, "What I really need is a little space!" Neela looks hurt, and Abby apologizes. Neela says she'll start looking for her own place today. Abby tells Neela not to rush, and Neela stomps out. How dare Abby ask Neela to stop crashing on her couch after six months! The nerve!

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