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Previously, on ER: Carter told the media that Zorictal killed Angela Chase, and Susan yelled at him for costing the hospital financial support. Jake, Abby's medical student, asked her out, and she said no, since he's her student. Neela and Ray became roommates, and Neela knew she would regret it. Luka thought they needed to teach the residents to connect with patients, and Carter suggested that Luka start with Pratt. Susan yelled at Pratt for acting like an intern.

A woman makes orgasmic sounds as a shower runs. The camera pans across an apartment to reveal lots of discarded clothing, and then Pratt, lying in bed alone and grinning. A woman walks out of the bathroom and complains that they're out of hot water. Those were not the noises one makes when the shower goes cold. I tend to make noises that involve a lot of cursing and screaming. Maybe I'm the weird one. Pratt says he should have warned her. The woman claims she's freezing, and Pratt pulls her in for some kisses. He suggests that they call in sick, but she protests that she's arguing a motion today. Pratt thinks they can hook up later, but she says that she's going out for a friend's thirtieth birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant. Pratt says that, after today, he'll be on night shifts, so this is their last opportunity to hang out for a while. And by "hang out," he clearly means "have sex." Pratt promises to make it up to her. The woman pulls away and says that she likes Pratt, but that she doesn't think they have a future. Pratt is shocked. The woman says that she's looking for a guy who's a little further along in his life, since he is a student and lives like one. Pratt, not getting it, says he's not a student. The woman says she's just looking for a guy who's a grown-up. She starts to get dressed, and Pratt scoffs.

Carter hands out charts to the interns and students and quizzes them on when to order a film. The students (Jake and Darlene) struggle, so Abby and Shane West help out. Pratt shows up, and Carter hands off a chart for a patient who has had vertigo for six hours. Sam walks in, and Shane tells her about a patient who needs an IV. Pratt asks how he's going to learn to put in a line if he always passes it off. Shane thinks that IVs are a nurse's thing. Pratt says that today, they won't be. Abby brags that she can get an IV into a scalp vein. Well, she also used to be a pediatric nurse, so that makes sense. Teacher's pet. Carter agrees with Pratt that everyone should do his or her own lines. Jake offers to handle Shane's patient, saying that he needs the practice because he's headed to his surgery rotation next. Shane asks why they need to make up arbitrary rules that will only slow them down. Pratt responds, "Because I can."

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