May Day

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May Day

Props to Sars, whose recaps of this show I'm really going to miss.

Previously on ER: Benton patronized Luka, and Luka had none of it; Carol, in the process of telling Luka she was still in love with Doug, hopped into her eighteen-wheeler and drove donuts over Luka's heart; Carter sent a patient into anaphylactic shock by giving her medication to which, she'd already told him, she was allergic; a haggard Carter stared with acute self-loathing into a bathroom mirror.

As a couple of swings wave in the breeze, we hear the crackling of a CB radio and see a cop car parked in the background. Abruptly, one of the swings starts sweeping back and forth with much greater force, as an EMS helicopter touches down on the playground. "Salt" Peter Benton emerges from the helicopter carrying a red bag of medical gear; he is wearing, as Sars pointed out on the Not! Line, scrubs that are so tight as to be rather unseemly. Luka "Brazzi Sleeps With the Fishes" Kovac climbs out after him. A couple of police officers jog up to them; the one in the white shirt tells Benton there have been "three gunshots; one looks fatal." Benton complains that the cops should have let them land sooner, but White Shirt Cop explains that, ten minutes ago, the suspect was pinned but still shooting. "He was shooting at the school?" Luka asks incredulously. I know -- the very idea that such a thing could happen in the Land of the Free is preposterous. "They were shooting everywhere," WSC replies. It seems that cops were responding to the robbery of an armored car, and the robbery suspects opened fire.

Next we get a shot of a pair of glasses with one bloody lens, lying on the ground, and hear a boy feebly ask for his glasses. As the camera pans up, we see that the boy's right eye is bleeding profusely; Cop #2 tries to comfort him. Benton runs over and asks the cop whether the kid is alert. "Sort of," the cop says, and tells Benton the boy's name is Daniel. Benton asks Daniel whether he knows where he is, and Daniel asks, again, where his glasses are. Benton asks again, and Daniel says, "School." A redheaded paramedic working on Daniel's other side says, "Exit wound out the right temple." Um, ow.

On another part of the playground, Cop #3 does compressions on a woman's chest; there is a rather large puddle of blood under her head. Standing over Cop #3, Luka asks WSC what kind of ammunition the shooters were using. WSC says that one had a large-calibre assault rifle to shoot through the engine block of the armored car. Luka tells Cop #3, "We'll never get her back with a head wound like that! Stop compressions!" The cop stops, and Luka runs over to another kid, who's crying, "My dad! Somebody call my dad!" Luka tells the kid his name, and the kid says his name is Nicholas. Nicholas has a wound in his right shoulder. Luka examines him as Nicholas asks again for someone to call his dad, saying where he works and starting to give the phone number. I'd like to think I'd have that presence of mind if I ever got shot, but I barely have that presence of mind when I get an ingrown toenail. Redheaded Paramedic runs over to assist, and Luka tells her that Nicholas's "chest is clear" and that he has a "good radial pulse." He orders medication, which she administers. Nicholas is still trying to choke out his dad's phone number, but Luka tells him not to worry, and that the school probably has it. WSC says that could take a while. Luka asks why, and WSC says they're evacuating the building; having apprehended two suspects, they think there might be a third. "'Might be'?" Luka demands.

Cut to Benton running over as Luka asks Nicholas whether he can feel his legs, and Nicholas saying, "Kinda! It's like going to sleep!" "Pins and needles?" Luka asks, and Nicholas rogers that. Benton pitches in on Nicholas, and Luka asks Benton whether his patient is "stable by ground." Benton says he should be: "Bullet fragment missed the brain." Luka says that the bullet that struck Nicholas went "clean through the shoulder, but there's one to the groin with a cold foot." Okay, I think that trumps the bullet in the eye. Benton starts to call out their next moves when we hear gunshots. Everyone tries to duck down (though they're already all squatting on the ground), and WSC tells them to clear out: "He's in the building, coming out!" Benton runs toward Daniel. Luka and RP cover Nicholas's body with their own as police snipers on the roofs of adjacent buildings open fire at the suspect...who's kind of no longer a suspect since he's standing in the doorway of the school wearing a balaclava and shooting every which way. Benton reaches Daniel and scoops him up just before the police sharpshooter picks off the "suspect," who falls over. Luka and Benton stare at each other. Then they run into each other's arms and start making out. (Just kidding.)

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