Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Carter, assisted by a paramedic, hoists a construction worker -- still wearing his reflective vest -- onto a bed. He complains that they should watch his back. Carter asks him (Mr. Fazio) how far he fell, and he guesses that it was about six or eight feet. The paramedic pipes up: "Co-worker says it was about four." "Four, my ass!" Mr. Fazio yells, and for someone with a supposed back injury, he's gesticulating pretty wildly and freely. He adds that he thinks he heard something pop, and that he "probably blew out a disk." As Haleh and Carter help him out of his vest and jacket, the paramedic gives them the bullet: Mr. Fazio complained of weakness in his legs, and suffered a brief loss of consciousness. The paramedic gives his blood pressure and pulse stats, rolls his eyes, and leaves. Mr. Fazio asks if the numbers the paramedic quoted were bad, and Carter tells him they're normal. Carter asks Mr. Fazio to push his feet against Carter's hands, which he does, while grunting very theatrically. Carter asks him if that hurts, and Mr. Fazio growls, "Yeah! What do you think?" Carter asks whether Mr. Fazio's employer covers on-the-job injury, and Mr. Fazio sniffs, "He better!" Carter pushes down on Mr. Fazio's head and asks whether it increases the pain in his back; Mr. Fazio slides down the bed, all the while complaining that that hurts, too. Carter pronounces Mr. Fazio's injury an "M.U." Mr. Fazio asks if that's bad, and Carter says they're going to check it all out, and pulls the curtain. He then orders a number of tests, including a lumbar spine series, from Haleh, who asks him what an "M.U." is. Carter leans in and whispers, "Made-up."

Luka walks into Mr. Arnold's room. The patient asks whether what he's been experiencing are, in fact, anxiety attacks; Luka says he can't say for sure, but that Mr. Arnold's cardiac enzymes are normal, and that he's not seeing any irregularities on the EKG. Reassured, Mr. Arnold says he didn't think the problem was in his heart. Luka suggests that it might just be that Mr. Arnold is "overly stressed," and Mr. Arnold chuckles ruefully and says, "I could have told you that without the tests." Luka says he'll still have to monitor Mr. Arnold for another six to eight hours, since damage to the heart doesn't always show up in blood work right away, and that, considering the way Mr. Arnold came in, they need to be sure that his heart isn't the cause. Mr. Arnold says that he's sure he just got himself all worked up, and says that she (his wife, we may safely assume) is driving him crazy, and that he never wanted a divorce. He then starts to cry, which is actually very sad. Luka pulls the curtain around the bed, and Mr. Arnold says that every time it hits him that he's getting divorced, he doesn't know what he's doing, and that every day there are more phone calls from her lawyer, more threats, more demands. He says he doesn't know what he did wrong, and that he loves their son and still loves her. Poor Mr. Arnold. He apologizes for breaking down, saying that it's not Luka's problem, and Luka tells him that it's okay, and that maybe he can get a psychologist to speak to him. Then the heavens open up and shine sweet light on my face. I mean, "Luka smiles."

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