Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Finch is messing around with some supplies when Peter "Coyote" Benton steals up behind her and tells her that her surgical consult is here. Uh, that's pillow talk? Or, I guess, that's supply-closet talk? They briefly flirt in a banal fashion and then start making out. Yosh comes in behind them and says, "Don't worry about me, I'm getting some Lasix." Benton covers: "So. Lap belt injury, huh?" and Finch replies, "Yeah, CT is clear but he's guarding." Benton tells Yosh, "We were just...uh...discussing a patient." "I could use a good discussion myself," Yosh deadpans. Benton suggests that he go see the patient, and Finch chuckles, and follows him. Benton examines Eli, and Mr. Emerson asks Finch, "So...was the other surgeon wrong?" "What other surgeon?" Benton asks. Finch, keeping her eyes on Mr. Emerson in a very disconcerting manner, tells Benton, "Dr. Corday," and then asks him to step out for a minute. Spreading his hands out in evident frustration, Benton asks, "So Elizabeth already saw him?" Finch curtly says, "Sorry, I didn't get a chance to tell you." Well, even for an android, it is hard to talk when you're using your tongue to get a culture of your paramour's throat. (I'm sorry for that revolting image. But it's true.) She goes on to say that Elizabeth didn't think Eli warranted an ex-lap, and that Finch disagreed and therefore wanted a second opinion. Finch, I guess you didn't learn anything from another Eli -- the one on Once and Again, or you wouldn't be playing Mommy and Daddy off against each other like this. Benton backs Elizabeth up by saying that Eli's belly looks fairly benign, and that he doesn't look sick. Finch protests that Eli could have a leak in his small bowel and not look sick, and Benton points out that Eli doesn't even have a fever. Finch tells Benton that a delay in diagnosis can raise a patient's chance for mortality from five to sixty-five percent. Wait. Hold up. You're busting out statistics, now? Well, I guess that invalidates Benton's whole argument! Not. Benton says essentially the same thing, only he phrases it "Okay, okay, okay," and agrees to do the procedure. She thanks him, and he goes on his way with a seductive half-smile. Look, I firmly believe that whatever two consenting adults do to get each other off is totally their business. However, I think that when a sixteen-year-old boy's small bowel is involved, that's when you have to realize that you are a pervert.

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